Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Week of 2011

What a week it has been! This last week of the year has been a nice way to end the year. It was very low key. Very relaxing after the craziness of the holidays. Natalie was out of school so we had a lot of play time. I let the girls play on their new bikes in the driveway while I took down Christmas decorations. Usually I am good with Christmas being up till after New Years. I grew up in a house where Christmas decorations were up in October and didn't come down till February at the earliest! But for me the day after New Years I get the urge to take it all down and get my house back to normal. This year I had to get it all down before this weekend so that Shane could put it all in the attic for me. He has been SO busy working and getting his Masters that there really is no extra time. He got this week off of class so I have to use my extra time wisely! Everything is down and in boxes in the garage. Now hopefully tomorrow he will stick it all in the attic! 
 First time riding her new big girl bike
 Heidi on her "Scoot" bike. It has no pedals, she just scoots with her feet. It's supposed to teach her balance so that she can pick up riding a bike faster. We heard about it from some friends and thought it was perfect for her little legs. :)
 Playing under the Christmas tree while I was taking decorations down. They thought it was their little fort!

After they got some practice on the driveway I took them to the park. They had so much fun! We walked the whole loop and when we got to a big paved area they just went around in circles. It was so cute. Here is a video if you feel like watching it. :)

The girls just being cute and coloring pictures. I just love these little faces! :)


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Kirk said...

Great pictures for the end of the year and I enjoyed seeing Natalie riding her bike at the park. She really got the hang of it quickly. I think little Heidi will be looking for a big hill to coast down soon, like in front of your house! Happy New Year. Love you. Daddy