Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Christmas Play

Tonight was the girls' Christmas play at church. Seriously the cutest thing ever! We have been to two practices where it was complete insanity. The whole play was made up of kids under 10 and half of them were under 5. The fact that they got everyone to do what they were supposed to was pretty impressive! Everything was going well...Shane was videoing the whole thing. As soon as Heidi came out...she was a sheep...I started to take her picture. You could see her looking at all the people and trying to find us. The only person she saw was Dane and she ran right to her crying! She was scared to death of all the people there! She got passed down the row to me where I tried to talk her into going back out there with her friend, Winnie. She wouldn't do it so I walked her back to the back when the other sheep left. Then she had to come back out, so I walked her back out hoping she would stay on the stage but she didn't. She just kept walking with me toward my seat. Her little friend Winnie followed us too! Her mom came and got her and took her back to the stage and she just sat there quietly like she was supposed to. :) In the mean time Natalie was doing everything she was supposed to be doing as an angle. (I missed all that! Thankfully Shane has it all on video. We will have to watch it with the girls later!) At the end of the play they all stood at the front singing and when Heidi saw Natalie standing at the front she ran to her and gave her the biggest hug. She didn't let go of her for the whole song! It was really adorable!
 All the family...we took up two rows!
 This is when she walked out and she was looking for us
 Heidi crying in Dana's lap :(
 That's Natalie if you can see her...
 And here a little blurry. I had Heidi on my lap and I was lucky to get anything!
 Natalie singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing
 I wish I would have taken it fast enough to get Heidi running full blast to Natalie! 
Afterwards they were supposed to have a Santa Clause and a professional photographer to take free pictures for everyone but Santa didn't show. Seriously?? How does Santa just not show?!?! The girls were so upset. It's kinda funny cause we don't play up Santa that much around here but they still really wanted to see him. Guess we'll have to find another one. :)

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