Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Night

After our crazy morning we all went home and took naps. No one wanted to wake up!! We headed over to Shane's parents house for a Christmas with them. I set my camera down next to me and didn't pick it back up till we left! So terrible. I'll have to get pictures from Rose Marie and Sabrina cause they were the only ones who took pictures! Here is the one picture I took of Kingston, Sabrina and Jayden and it happen to be a good one. :)
We had a fun filled night with lots of gift exchanging. From there we went back to my parents house for Christmas dinner. We usually don't squeeze both families into one day but that is the only thing that worked for everyone! We had an amazing dinner....Nan's lasagna. Our traditional Christmas dinner. :) The kids had fun playing with their toys and Mammy's new puppy. It was a nice ending to a great day. When we came home and put the kids to bed, they were out in seconds!  
 Colie and Gracie were trying to get a picture together. Natalie kept hopping in so she could get her picture taken too. :)
 Me and Colie and Me and Gracie 
 Pictures with Nan 
  Heidi and her new best friend :)

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Kirk said...

Christmas was such a fun day, from Dana waking everyone up well before day break to having Christmas dinner together. A wonderful day through and through. Love you. Daddy