Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Fun Week

I have been so bad at blogging this week but there has been so much going on! Last Saturday Shane took Luke and Matthew to a UGA game. They left early in the morning and got back just in time to go to a wedding.  My parent's neighbor's daughter got married and the whole family went sans kids. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so much fun. We pretty much danced all night. My parents danced, Shane and I danced, Shane and Dane danced, Daddy and I danced, Colie and Dane danced, Shane and my mom danced, Dane Colie and I danced and Shane and Colie danced. It was great! :)

Shane, Matthew and Luke at the UGA game

 Me and Colie at the wedding. No one brought a camera so we used our phones. :)

The next day we had a girls day. Gracie spent the night after watching the girls and went to church with me in the morning. After church we had a quick lunch and then left Shane with the little girls. We went shopping all day. Christmas shopping and shopping for us. So many stores and of course Starbucks for some christmas coffee and a snack.  Then for dinner we met Dane and Sabrina for dinner at the Mellow Mushroom for pizza. After dinner we went to a movie. Not just any movie...the new Twilight movie! I know, I know...totally crazy to be so excited about a Twilight movie. I have to say that I was so not going to get into those teeny bopper movies but I did. Last year I got sick and lost my voice so a friend loaned me the books. They ended up being really great, so I watched the movies. I was so excited for this movie to come out and it was actually really good. Way better than the other movies. It was such a fun day!
In the packed movie theater with another iphone photo! Kinda blurry but's a memory. :)

Thanksgiving was at my house this year. That morning all the guys played football and ultimate frisbee at the park. I brought the girls by so I could take some pictures and they ended up playing soccer on the other field.
 Heidi wanted to play football too
 Ava, Natalie and Heidi playing soccer
 Shane blocking a catch by Brian
 Luke actually caught this one!
 Matt catching some air 
Justin caught this one for the win

 Later we had a pretty low key dinner.  Dad grilled the turkey on the egg and all the sides were so good. I made a yummy pumpkin bread and everyone had pie. Everything was so amazing! After dinner we played Apples to Apples. One of our family favorites! Then Gracie spent the night so that Shane and I could hit the Black Friday sales. I have always loved Black Friday...getting up early and getting Christmas shopping done. I have to say that even though I got a ton of good deals...I don't really like the midnight shopping thing. Six am is plenty early. Having it at midnight had too many crazy teenagers with nothing better to do. Friday I went to the mall with Dane and Gracie to get a couple more things on my list and today pretty much finished it off. And...everything is wrapped and under the tree!! Yay!! I just love Christmas. 
Also today, Shane put up the Christmas lights outside. We were just going to do a little bit cause he didn't have a huge ladder this year, but then we got the crazy idea to put his ladder in the back of his truck so that it would reach. It actually worked really well and now the house looks perfect. While he was hanging lights the girls were playing outside. It was a pretty fun morning and a really great week!

 My cute girls in their hats

 Natalie is getting way too big!
 Taken from the inside of the can just see his feet!
 Hanging up the lights
Our house all decorated for Christmas :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heidi+Scissors=Very Bad!

Even just writing the Title makes me so sad! Last night I was letting Colie try on some of my clothes. My closet is part of my bathroom so we were all in my bathroom. Heidi was playing at the sink and I was talking to Colie when I heard a snip. I looked at Heidi and she had swiped at her hair twice in the back. I was so shocked! I just stared at her. I always have the scissors locked up because Heidi is a little klepto so I have no idea why they were even on the counter! Colie started laughing and Heidi got scared and started crying. I picked her up and took her into her room telling her it was going to be okay. I brushed her hair back from her face and noticed that she got a huge chunk of her bangs right at the root. OH MY GOSH!! Seriously?? My adorable little girl just ruined her hair! She needed her hair cut pretty short to hide all the chunks. She still has a bunch of thin spots in her hair but thankfully Dane made it look pretty cute. She might still need to wear hats a bunch this winter till it grows out! :)
 So this was Heidi before she got to her hair
 This was the huge chunk and little side wisps that she took out of her hair
 And here is her after cut from Dane. She pulled the hair from the back to cover the bald spot in her bangs. 

 So cute...she just looks way older now. :(

Natalie wanted her picture taken too :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Preschool Production

Production might be a bit of an exaggeration. :) I went to Natalie's preschool on Thursday to see her and her classmates sing some songs. It was soo cute! The boys were all dressed as Indians and the girls were Pilgrams. As soon as they walked into the cafeteria Natalie starts saying MOMMY MOMMY and waving and then telling the kids next to her and her teachers that her mommy is here. They sang three songs...all of 2 minutes and then we sat with them while they ate lunch. I got it all on video so I didn't get many pictures. Just one of her in her cute "costume."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The County Fair

So I grew up going to the LA County Fair every year when I was little. The thing was huge! We walked and walked and walked the whole day looking at all the exhibits, checking out the animals and watching the demonstrations. But...we did not go on rides. The fair was not about rides it was about looking at everything they had to offer. Even though we didn't go on rides we loved going to the fair. I have so many great memories! But Shane didn't do the same thing...the fair was about going on rides for him. When we were dating he took me to the Ventura County Fair and we went on rides. It was so weird...we didn't even look at any exhibits!! Well the fair here isn't as big as the LA County Fair and it's not even close to the Ventura County Fair. It's super tiny. They don't have animals and they don't have exhibits. You could walk the whole thing in about 20 min if that. Shane and I have been taking the girls every year. Usually they just go on the merry go round, check out the petting zoo and get a corn dog. This year though they wanted to go on rides. It was so much fun!! We went for the unlimited free rides hour and they loved it. We started on the big yellow slide. :) Then they went on a finding nemo ride and then a train. Then Natalie wanted to go on this caterpillar ride so they both hopped on. The whole time Heidi was holding on with white knuckles, not looking at us and not smiling. I felt so bad! I just wanted to jump in there and snatch her up! For the rest of the day she was too scared to go on any ride. She would get in the ride and then right before it started she would start climbing out and they would hand her to us. Finally we talked her into a boat ride cause the boat was aqua and then she was fine again. Natalie on the other hand had a blast the whole day. She went on every ride she could. We totally got our moneys worth! We ended the afternoon with yummy corn dogs and lemonade and both girls are already asking when we can go back!
 The Finding Nemo Ride

 The train ride
 The dreaded Caterpillar Ride
  The Bumble Bee Ride and the Merry Go Round

 This is right before she climbed out of the ride
 Then she was happy again. :)
 The last ride of the day