Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Shane and I have been together for 13 years! That is so crazy! This year our anniversary fell on a Monday and Shane worked the whole weekend before so our actual anniversary was pretty low key. Shane brought me home some beautiful roses, I made his favorite dinner...meatloaf and mashed potatoes and I made him an apple pie for dessert. With all the desserts I love to make I have never made a pie. I've never actually like pie either. But my friend Sarah came over and showed me how to make pie crust from scratch and I have to was amazing! I loved it. Shane was pretty excited about it too. :)

 On Friday, Shane took the day off and we headed to Atlanta. My brother gave us a list of good places to eat and we pretty much tried to eat as much amazing food as possible while we were there. It was awesome!! We got to Atlanta and went to Flip Burger for lunch. It's Richard Blais' restaurant from Top Chef and it is soo good. Gourmet burgers and my favorite milk shake ever. We were so stuffed!! 
 French fries, Sweet potato tots and onion rings and amazing dipping sauces. 
 I got the Oaxaca burger. Beef, avocado, cilantro-lime mayo, queso fresco and pico. I would never think to put those on a burger but holy cow it was amazing! 

 Okay so this is their Nutella milk shake. They add roasted marshmallows to the top and you have to wait for it to stop smoking before you can drink any. It's soo good!
From there we went to Ikea to walk around. We got a few things but really, I just love to look at all the room ideas they have. We also went to the Lenox Mall to look around. They had a Sprinkles Cupcakes! I was so excited. Too stuffed to actually eat one but I had to get some. I's Sprinkles! I got 4 and ate them at home the next day. So I realized that if you are going to spend that much money on a cupcake, you should eat it when it's fresh! I actually feel the need to go back and try again. :)

For dinner we went to Eclipse Di Luna. It's a Spanish tapas restaurant.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend. The atmosphere is so fun and it was really packed when we got there with a latin band playing music. We got drinks from the bar and sat outside while we waited for a table. It was a beautiful night and we just had fun hanging out while we waited. Then they took us to our table and it was this quiet little room in the back. You could still hear the great music but it was still quiet enough to have good conversation. We were still pretty stuffed from lunch so we just ordered one small plate at a time. The food was incredible and we had fun taking our time, sharing a small plate and then finding something else on the menu that looked good. We ended up having a capresi salad, fried calamari and empanadas. 

 On our way to dinner
Such a fun place to eat! Next time I'm going when I'm super hungry!

Then next morning, we got up early and went to Sublime Donuts. Another gourmet place...not just your average donut shop! These donuts were insane. We got a bunch so we could bring some home for my family to taste but ended up eating them all. We got the Nutella, Fresh Strawberries and Cream, Butter Toffee, Honey Glaze Cinnamon, Orange Dream Star, and the Cream Cheese Danish. I realize I'm talking about food a ton here but a. I'm pregnant and b. If you ever go to Atlanta you'll have great places to try and you'll know what to expect! :)
Shane wanted proof that I got up to see the sunrise. :) Didn't get any pictures of the donuts cause we ate them all!

So after breakfast we went golfing. Well, Shane went golfing and I drove around the cart. It was a beautiful day but they were fixing up the course so that was pretty bad. We still had fun and worked up an appetite for lunch. :) We went to Antico Pizza. We have wanted to try this place for probably 3 years but every time we drove by it there was a huge line. Well this time we had plenty of time to spare so we tried it out. When we got there, there was already a huge line. The owner came out and said they had to wait for the pizza ovens to reach 1000 degrees before they could start serving pizza but they brought out some pizza for us to try while we waited. So good!! We couldn't really tell what kind of pizza we were ordering because it was in Italian. They have about 12 options and that's what you don't pick your own toppings. Also, the seating is family style so we sat with a family from Virginia. They brought us our pizza and it was huge. We were going to bring some of that home for my family too and I think they got one slice! We got the Margherita pizza with pepperoni. The ingredients were so fresh and the dough was so light that we weren't even that full when we were finished. 
 They weren't even open yet and this was the line to get in.
 Let's just say the pizza was good! :)
Yum! Holy cow...just looking at this picture is making me hungry again!

So that was our trip to Atlanta. I told Shane that this year for our anniversary I just wanted to eat really good food. I think we met that goal! We both said that this weekend was probably the best food we have ever eaten! I love that we were able to get in one more little getaway before our little baby gets here. I loved the time we got to spend together and that we got to eat such amazing food! :)