Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Days till Christmas

Yesterday our little advent calendar had a note in it. "Let's watch ELF!" It was so fun. It really just isn't the Christmas season without watching Elf! I made chili and cornbread and we invited my parents, Nokie, Colie, Gracie and Matthew over to watch it with us. After we all ate dinner, we settled in for our movie night. I brought in bean bags and blankets and made popcorn. Heidi loved the popcorn! She kept going around the room putting popcorn in everyone's mouth. :) They liked the movie too...probably because everyone else was laughing. I'm not sure they really got it themselves!
 The blur in front of my mom  is Natalie trying to get her blanket just so. :)

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Kirk said...

What a great night! I hope you make that a Christmas tradition. The Chili was perfect, the cornbread was to fantastic and how can you beat an evening of watching Elf and eating popcorn. Too much fun! Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Love you. Daddy