Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Thank You Game

There are 10 days left till Christmas!!  The perfect time to remind the girls about being thankful! I found this game in a magazine a long time ago and I have been using it before their birthdays' and before every Christmas. It's super easy but I think it really makes a difference. So the game is this....You get a gift bag and put a random "gift" inside, then give it to the girls and they open it. Kind of like a practice gift giving session. They have to find something nice to say about it, say thank you and then give a hug. Super easy and for some reason they really really love it! So today I sat the girls on the couch...Natalie went first. I took the gift bag and went into the playroom and brought back a My Little Pony. She opened the bag and said, "Thank you, Mommy! I love the rainbow hair!" Then it was Heidi's turn. And then they both gave a gift to me. 
They get so excited about this game! We practiced what to say. To not just say thank you but to find something particular you like about the gift. Then the girls kept playing the game by themselves. Natalie would get something for Heidi and then Heidi would get something for Nat. It's very cute! The best part is that it helps them learn to wait their turn and to be thankful. :)

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Kirk said...

What a great idea! Their gift etiquette will last them all their lives. Good job. Love you. Daddy