Monday, April 30, 2012

Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run

This past Saturday Colie talked me into doing a mud run with her and Gracie. I did not want to do it and even after I agreed to, I was super nervous. I've never done a 5K and this one had obstacles in it!! was so much fun! We drove to Atlanta with Shane and the girls. Brent decided to meet us there.  Shane and Bub walked the course with the girls in a stroller taking pictures. So awesome! 
 It was an all women's charity event so everyone got dressed up in crazy outfits. Let me just say the cute colors didn't last more than 5 minutes!

 The parking lot that we drove to was really far away from the actual mud run! It was strange because there was a ton of parking really close to the venue. Once we figured that out, we made Shane walk all the way back and bring our car closer. :) We thought we'd be too tired afterwards!

 There were a ton of people! They had waves of start times every 15 minutes starting at 8:30 in the morning. Our wave was 1:15 and it was actually perfect. Warm weather but not hot and we didn't have to get up super early to drive all the way to Atlanta!
 Shane started at the finish line and worked his way forward so he wouldn't miss us. It was so much fun to see him and the girls! Gracie was pretending to be really tired but this was really close to the start of the race so we were going pretty good then. :)
 It took a lot of convincing to have Natalie give me a kiss...she wasn't sure about all the mud.
 High fives for Colie! 
 This was my favorite part of the race! Gracie and I went in one tunnel and Colie went in another and we beat her out! I do have to say that she was behing a really slow lady. It didn't matter to me though...I just liked beating her!  
 It was really cool having Bub there too. Colie showed her appreciation too by jumping on him and getting his clothes all muddy!
 Colie diving into the  mud pit.
 My turn...I stayed on my feet so I wasn't so muddy. 
 Gracie did a full on dive!

 This one was insane. The row I went on didn't even have any tires close by so after this I hopped down. Colie went all the way across but she is insane! :)

 I think I was most proud of this obstacle. It wan't hard but at the top it was pretty scary.  We did it though!!

 The last real obstacle...we had to "repel" down the hill and then climb back up. I was just happy we were almsot finished!

 Coming across the finish line. My first 5k finished!!

 The girls were awesome all day! They were so good. Heidi was sad a few times because she wanted to do the run too. We let her run with us a few times and she loved it! We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home and they got ice creams so they were really happy. I have to say too...Natalie was asleep within 10 minutes of putting her in her bed when we got home...yay!
Shane was proud of me too! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Has Started!

Today the girls went in the pool! They were so excited. It just started getting warm again lately. Actually, today was the first day we had to turn on our air conditioning so that means summer is officially here. We hold off as long as we can but once it starts getting humid the windows close and the air turns on! Anyway...back to the girls. :) They wanted to go swimming today. I figured they would put their feet in, realize it was too cold and then decide they were done. Nope! They stayed in there for about an hour. The girls loved it. It took about 10 minutes for Natalie to remember that she could actually swim and about 20 minutes for Heidi. They were so cute and they had so much fun. It is going to be a great summer!
 Heidi just started doing poses when I take her picture. I don't know where she got it from! She has all these cute crazy poses...I'll have to do another post of those later. :)

 Natalie testing out her goggles to see if they still work like last year

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Best. Day. Ever!

Today was such a fun day. We took the girls to IHOP for breakfast and when Natalie heard that she got to go get pancakes for breakfast she said, "Mommy, this is gonna be the best day EVER!" It was so cute. The girls chowed their breakfast...they love pancakes. :) Then we went to this church fair that we happened to drive by on the way to breakfast. It was awesome. They had bouncy houses, a dunk tank, cute little throwing games, a car wash, face painting, hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, snow cones and  temporary tattoos....all for free! The girls loved it. We didn't have a whole lot of time to hang out but enough for them to have some fun. :)
So then as soon as we got home I left for the mall. My birthday gift from Dane was a MAC makeover by makeup artists who do runway makeup for fashion week. Very fun! Rose Marie and Sabrina did the same thing so we all got to go together. The guy who did my makeup was amazing. Seriously I want everything he used!! 
 I love everyone's makeup!! 
After I got home, we did some yard work. Shane mowed and I repainted our mailbox. was getting really really bad! Shane grilled some chicken for dinner and afterwards we decided to roast marshmallows on the grill. :) I made the girls s'mores. So  yummy! Heidi really loved them. 

There was gooey marshmallow everywhere! Totally worth it. :) 
After that we had a family wii bowling night. Natalie is so good at it! Heidi is just cute! She just kinda flings her arms around and hopes it gets the ball down the lane. :) It was just a really fun day. Natalie was was the best day ever! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Big 3-0

I turned 30! How crazy is that? I've always been the youngest in the group and now...not so much. :) I wasn't freaked out about turning 30 but I really did want it to be a memorable birthday. I just wanted to look back and remember the day. Well, it was way better than a day. The whole week was really memorable! On my actual birthday we had all the family and some friends over to celebrate. Colie decorated my house and it looked so pretty. I still haven't taken down all the decorations because they are so cool. My parents made taquitos for me. Pork, chicken and beef...all slow cooked to perfection. Shane's mom brought over her amazing 7 layer dip and chips. My dad made frozen Madrases for everyone. (Vodka, cranberry and orange juice and they were awesome!) Everyone seemed to pitch in and make my birthday really special. It was perfect. 
 There were streamers everywhere! These pom poms were my favorite. :)

 Me and Colie
 Me and Sarah
 Me and Hollyann
 Hollyann, Sabrina and Me
 Erik was too tall for the streamers...he called it a limbo party :)
 Me and Daddy 
 Me and Shane
 The kids were very excited about the presents
 Colie wrapped her whole gift in streamers...lots and lots of streamers!
Shane's gift to me....a shopping spree!! Woo Hoo! :)
 I hate blowing out candles! I seriously can never blow them out. Erik said I just need better aim! :)
 I made the BEST chocolate cake ever for my birthday this year. I know it's kinda weird to make your own cake but since I really like to bake it just doesn't seem that weird to me. Anyway...I have gotten really good at baking from scratch but for my own birthday I like it out of a box. So if you want to make the best super chocolate cake ever here is what you need. Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix. When that is baked and cooled put the first layer on a plate. Use Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge frosting and pour in some mini semi sweet chocolate chips and mix it up. Then spread it on the first layer of cake. Sprinkle a few more chocolate chips on top and then put the second layer of cake on. Then I took a can of Pillsbury milk chocolate frosting and mixed it with the third of a can of dark chocolate fudge frosting that I had left over and then mixed in more mini chocolate chips. Mix it really well and spread all over the cake. Stick it in the fridge overnight and you will have the most amazing chocolate cake ever! Seriously. :)

Probably the coolest part of the whole party was Erik's magic. He is really really good! He had everyone in awe and totally stumped. No one could figure out how he did his tricks. Plus he is just really good at performing magic. 

The next morning it was time for Erik, Hollyann and Savannah to go back home. :( Shane gave the girls a quick ride in the Camaro and I snagged a few pictures before we all headed back to Atlanta. cute are they?

We took Natalie to school and loaded everyone up in the van. We had to return the Camaro too so my parents followed us to the airport in the Camaro. I think my dad liked driving it. He passed us twice...the first time I felt the car move before I even saw him. Mom texted me that he hit 110. The second time he made it to 119! I don't know how people actually own that car...way too dangerous! You can't help but drive fast!! After dropping them off at the airport we returned the Camaro. We let Heidi sit in the booster seat in the Camaro while Shane and I drove it one last time. She loved it. Then she saw a plane taking off and  waved and said "Bye friends!" and then started crying because she missed her new friends. We cheered her up by taking her to Varsity and having lunch with my parents. There creamsicle milk shake will put anyone in a better mood! :) After lunch my parents took Heidi home with them in the van and Shane and I took his truck to Lennox Mall to go on a shopping spree. Really...I was massively spoiled this birthday. The whole week was better than I could have hoped for. A great way to bring in the 30's!