Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hug me...I donated blood today! That is what my sticker says. Today was the first time I have ever given blood. I've always wanted to be someone who does but being scared of needles has prevented me in the past. After having two kids, I'm not as scared of needles but still-it's a needle! So they had a blood mobile at Walmart and I decided that I would finally do it. The thing was really cool! I was very impressed. Not so much with the lady who drew my blood. She stuck the needle in my left arm and the wiggled it around trying to find a vein. That didn't work so she tried my right arm. She didn't even find the vein first, she just stuck the needle in my arm and then tried to find the vein. It hurt so bad!! I have a huge bruise and my arm has actually been hurting all evening. I'm still pretty proud of myself though. I saved three lives today. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a weekend! After dealing with the girls and all the gross aspects of their sicknesses, Shane and I got sick the same time...messing up the whole weekend! Thankfully, even though it was a nasty, ugly sickness, it was a quick one. We are all feeling waaaay better! Woo Hoo!! Now on to spring, and warmth, and no more cold or flu bugs!!

Since we are all feeling better I decided to make lasagna. I found this really quick and easy recipe....soo good. I've been messing with it a bit to make it taste more like Nan's. It still needs a couple adjustments but it's pretty awesome for a middle of the week meal. I'll post the recipe when I get it mastered. :)

I also got to get my hair done tonight. Well...fixed. I don't know why I do it. I try and save money getting my hair done, mess it up, and then spend way more trying to fix it. It's so bad! This time I just wanted something different and I let Dane color it. Dane is just learning all this by the way but I figured that her teachers would tell her what color to use and that she just had to
stick it on there. Well...they told her the wrong color the first time...turned my hair red. Then the next day the other teacher said they had to make it darker to hide the red. So then my hair was super dark and being the pale person that I am, it was pretty shocking. It has faded a bunch so it's wasn't so bad. But then tonight I got blond put back in and it's still not quite right. Much better, but still not what I was hoping for. But one thing that I have learned through all the times of messing with my grows back! And lucky for me, my hair grows really fast. So next time I want to mess with my hair...please, please, please, remind me that my hair is just fine AS IS. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't even count how many times I have been puked on the past three days. Shane too...between the both of us I would say we're in the double digits. If you don't want to hear anymore baby grossness than just scroll down.
So it started two days ago, out of the blue, Heidi just throws up all over me. She was acting totally normal before hand and even fine after, so I just thought maybe she drank her milk too fast, she gagged on her cracker...whatever. Then yesterday she was a little clingy and didn't really eat much but she was still pretty much normal. We all sit down to dinner and I'm getting ready to put a bite of food in my mouth when Natalie, who is sitting right across from me, starts projectile vomiting. All over the place. Totally disgusting. By the way...I so am not a great mom at all when it comes to that! I can't handle throw up! Thankfully Shane was home!! So we get Natalie into the bath and I scrub her down and then rub good smelling lotion all over her to get rid of the smell. Shane cleans up downstairs. Yay! Natalie acts like nothing happened and even wants to eat more dinner. So I leave to go to a party and Shane is home with the girls. Not even 10 min after I leave the house, Shane calls me asking me to come home cause Natalie threw up again. She got up a few times during the night but just wanted to sleep with us. Heidi had problems with the other end. Not pretty! After breakfast this morning Natalie was totally fine again. Still recovering a little thank goodness. She wasn't too crazy today. Heidi on the other hand, threw up everything. All morning. Poor thing. I pretty much held her all day. I did love having her sleep in my arms. That doesn't happen very often anymore! She seemed to be getting better and able to hold down some juice and crackers but right before bed she downed some milk and it ended up all over me. So now both girls are in bed and I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Why are sick babies so adorable??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seriously...I have the cutest kids. I love taking pictures of them. I think that is why I love scrapbooking so much. I know when they get older they are going to love looking at all the pictures of them and of Shane and I and hearing all the stories of them growing up. Heidi has a total sense of humor. She loves to frown at you. She thinks it's hysterical. She will drop her chin to her chest, furrow her brow and look up at you with her frowny face. After that she does one of two things. (1) She laughs hysterically (2) She throws her head back and raises her eyebrows and then laughs hysterically. I actually got pictures the other night. Love it! :)

So the other crazy thing that Heidi does....she likes to climb through the doggy door. It drives me crazy! She actually climbed all the way through once...scared me half to death! Now I know the sound of her even touching the doggy door and I can move pretty fast. :) She does look pretty cute though, huh?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a crazy day! Not the whole day I guess just this evening. I love Natalie to death. She is the cutest little girl ever. But tonight she was driving me crazy!! She is in the why?? stage and it feels like everything you want to do takes 10 times longer because you have to explain and explain everything that is going on to the point of not having any more explanations. The bedtime process took forever!! But...I do have to mention her hysterically funny phrase that she uses all the time lately. Today we were driving to the Y and she asked me if I was going to turn left and I said no that I was turning right. She goes..."Are you kidding me?" She also went shopping with my mom today. My mom pointed out a shirt that she liked and asked Nat if she liked it too. Natalie said, "Are you kidding me?" She throws it out there at the funniest moments! She is the greatest kid. It's crazy to me that one little kid can make me so crazy, so exhausted and yet so incredibly happy. :)

Wearing Mommy's hat

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shane and I have always said that we are going to do something big for our 10 year anniversary. Well we finally figured it out. I am so excited! We are going to fly down to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then go on a cruise from there to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Marten, St. Croix and then back to San Juan for two nights before flying home. We are in the middle of making all the arraingements. Did you know that good rooms are already sold out and it's over a year away? We couldn't believe it. We just have to figure out what the best room is that is left and affordable and then book it. Yay! I can't even imagine a week with no kids to take care of, no meals to cook, no house to clean. It's going to be amazing!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kids change everything. People tell you that before you have kids but you don't really get it till you actually have them. I had such a fun vision of what today would be like with the girls playing in the snow. Laughing and playing, having a great time together. Which it was...but then there was so much craziness too that just comes with little kids. Heidi tried to walk through the snow like normal but fell flat on her face and was not very happy. We made a slushy for Nat and she dumped the whole thing on her face and down her shirt. Needless to say that involved major screaming! She didn't like that it was so cold, she didn't like that we had to take off her wet clothes and she did not like that we had to come inside to warm up again. But even after all the drama, we had so much fun.

Shane showed Natalie how to do snow angels. She didn't really like it very much.

Heidi fell down so many times! She did not like the cold snow unless she got to eat it!

Natalie loved being in the snow! She got a spoon and just ate snow all day!

By 1 almost all the snow melted. Thank goodness! I don't know if I can handle another snow day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It is snowing!! I forgot how much I loved snow! After living in Maryland for a while I was totally over snow, but now I really love it. I guess it helps that we don't have anywhere to go and we can just sit inside, eat warm potato soup and enjoy it. It is so beautiful! We took the girls out in it earlier but it was freezing. We'll try again in the morning when the snow stops and they can just play.

Natalie's Freezing Face :)

Mommy showing Nat how to catch the snow

Heidi was soo happy!!

Natalie loved trying to catch the snow

The girls look so much like Shane and's great! I just wanted to show some pictures of when we were little next to their pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heidi learned how to nod her head yes a couple weeks ago. It's been great cause if she wants something she will just nod yes. And her nod involves her whole body...her head all the way back and then all the way forward which usually knocks her off balance because of the force she puts into it. So then last night she figures out how to nod side to side to say no. But now she can't figure out which way she wants to nod when she is answering you so she kinda nods in a circle. Mostly clockwise but sometimes counter clockwise. Very funny.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heidi is the cutest thing ever. She is so much more lovey than Natalie ever was or is. :) She gives the best hugs. She will run across the room into my arms and then give me the biggest squeeze. When it's time to go to bed at night she puts her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms around me and just holds me till I lay her in her crib. Then I give her her monkey (MiMi) and her caterpillar (Caty) and she squeezes them and then waves bye bye. It is seriously my favorite time of day!
So I watched Julia and Julia and got inspired. Not that this is the same thing at all! I just figured this might be a good way for all the family to see the girls grow up and still be a part of things. I'm not sure how this whole thing works but I think it will be fun.