Friday, December 16, 2011

9 Days till Christmas!

I tried something that I saw on Pintrest today.  I put my Christmas wrapping paper on the wall and used it as a backdrop to take Christmas pictures of the girls. I really loved how it turned out even though I would do a couple things differently next time. The light reflected off of parts of the paper which bugged me. I think I needed to wait for better lighting. Also...maybe more tape. :) By the end of my little photo session the paper was moving around a bunch. are some cute shots of my kids. I'm really bad at picking just one so...
 Single shots first 
 I really love this one 

 Getting tired of me taking their picture :)
 Yay for reversible paper! Now they wanted to take pictures with their "babies."

Photo session was over when the paper fell off the wall and on their heads! 

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Kirk said...

Amazing. Those are the best photos of the girls I've ever seen. Great job! Love you. Daddy