Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Days Till Christmas

Today was a really fun day! This morning the kids opened their advent box and they found a note saying they got to make Jumbo Snowmen Ornaments. Since Natalie is on break from school, the girls got to do the ornaments right away. 

 After they finished their ornaments, we ran some errands and then met friends for lunch at McDonalds. My friend Sarah has two kids the same ages as the girls. Natalie and Heidi LOVE playing with Luca and Winnie so while they played in the play area, Sarah and I got to hang out. So fun!
After lunch, I came home...put the girls down for their nap and then Gracie came over to babysit. I got to have a girls day with my sisters! We went Christmas shopping and then had dinner at PF Changs. So much fun! Really, a great day! :)
Yesterday I was trying to take pictures of the Christmas tree and get those pretty bokeh light effects. I didn't really figure it out but I did get a couple pretty ones. :)

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Kirk said...

The girls are so serious about their crafts...too cute. Great pictures of your Christmas Tree. Love you. Daddy