Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This fun weekend keeps getting better! Last night we went to my parents house to carve our pumpkins. Gracie and Matthew did pumpkins too. The girls helped us get all the gunk out. Well...Heidi did...Natalie thought it was yucky. :) Gracie scraped her pumpkin clean inside. Seriously...I have never seen such a clean pumpkin! Matthew wanted his to be a surprise so he went to the front porch to carve his. Shane and I carved our pumpkins and then I made the girls pumpkins polka dot. I saw it on pintrest and it actually turned out pretty cute. 
Then today after the kids got up from their naps, I got them in their costumes. They were so excited!! Natalie decided to be Sleeping Beauty because she wore a pink dress and Heidi wanted to be Cinderella because her dress was aqua. :) I have to say they looked really cute! This was the first year we took the girls trick-or-treating. The past years we have had them help us pass out candy but this year they actually got to go door to door. They had so much fun! First we went Publix. They had a safe trick-or-treating there. It was really fun. They had games for the kids to play in bakery, frozen foods, pharmacy and produce and when they finished the game they got candy. After that we came home and they went to the neighbors houses. They were so cute! After we went to the few houses close to us we started passing out candy. The girls would both give each person a piece of candy. They were so excited to see all the costumes. My neighbor brought out a bottle of wine and we each had a glass while the kids passed out candy. It was a pretty fun night. :) 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

What a fun weekend!! This year the family reunion was at my parents house. The festivities started on Thursday when Julie and Ricky came over for breakfast. That day Karen arrived as well as Stacy, Lisa, Erin, Kayla and Haylee. Also as a huge surprise Uncle Don and Aunt Georgette drove all the way across country to be at the reunion. I wasn't there for that surprise but everyone was so excited. The next day our group grew even more. Kim and Katie arrived and Ellen, Amanda and Shane arrived. We had a huge Mexican dinner...taquitos, chimichangas, enchiladas, home made chips and pico de gallo and a hot 7 layer dip. The next morning...the "official" day of the reunion, George and Donna came into town and Brent and his girlfriend Lindsey drove up as well. We spent the whole day hanging out and eating food. It was so great!! A few people left that night and then some more today and the rest tomorrow. I just really love being able to see all the family. Especially since they are all on the west coast and we really don't get to see them very often. The reunion is great time to hang out and reconnect. Here are a ton of pictures from the weekend. Overall there were almost 300 pictures between us but I'll just put the best ones up. :)
 The cupcakes to munch on all weekend
 Dad grilling tortilla chips and a picture of me and Nan

 The girls coloring with Georgette
 Colie and Julie
 Matthew, Colie, Natalie and Gracie
 Cousin Shane and Nokie
 Heidi blowing bubbles on the front porch
 Mom and Dad :)
 Cousin Stacy
 Cousin Lisa
 Ricky jumping in the pool when it was 48 degrees outside. Totally crazy! We were all standing around the pool with our cameras taking pictures. :)
 He got out of the water really fast! But he did end up doing it again 3 more times!
 Nokie and Heidi
 The second cousins from the top left...Stacy, Lisa, Nokie, Amanda, Dana, Erin, Brent, Luke, Kayla, Colie, Natalie, Matthew, Kayla, Heidi, Me and Gracie
 The Mareina Family
 The Mellecker Family
 Lindsey and Brent
 Dana, Colie and Me
 The first cousins...Kirt, Kim, Karen, George, Ellen and Julie
 Lindsey took the first family shot
 Then we took a crazy face family shot
 Then Brent set the timer and ran so we all got in the picture
 Me and Shane
Katie and Colie

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ice Cream Man

So last night the girls were playing in the backyard when all of a sudden they both started screaming. Shane and I jumped up and ran to check on them and they were running to the house. Natalie heard the music from the ice cream man and she was so excited!! It was the funniest thing ever! I just can't believe how expensive the ice cream man is now...$2.50 for an ice cream?? That's just crazy! My girls loved it though and I got to steal a bite so it was worth it. :)