Friday, February 18, 2011

The Case of the Missing Giraffe

I'm not sure if you all remember when Natalie lost her giraffe. This is the giraffe that she has had since she was a baby. She chewed the nose off when she was teething, she slept with it every night, it has been to California twice and with her every time she was sick. 
Anyway...last October she lost it. I was having a Pampered Chef party and when I put her to bed, I couldn't find it. I looked all over the house. Everyone at the party helped me look too. Natalie can't sleep without her giraffe so it was a big deal! I couldn't find it and she pretty much cried herself to sleep. It was so sad! I looked and looked and looked for it for the next few days and when I couldn't find it I took her to ToysRUs to pick out a new giraffe. She found a different one but it just wasn't the same. She slept with it but didn't really care much about it. 
Then one night a couple months later she was getting ready for bed and just started sobbing cause she missed her giraffe. I felt so awful and there was nothing I could do to help. We have literally looked in every single place her giraffe could be in our house. I have looked for this giraffe online since she was a baby. I just wanted to have a backup in case something like this happened. But I've have never been able to find one. After I calmed her down and got her to sleep I came downstairs and told Shane what happened. He asked me why I didn't just order her a new one.  Are you kidding me?? (ruffled feathers) Did he think I hadn't tried a million times to find another one?? So he gets on the computer and finds one first thing. I was so mad!! He wanted to look around to find a better price but I knew from looking for three years that he wasn't going to find one. So yes, I paid $40 to get her another giraffe. I would have paid anything to get her another Raffi. :)
When it finally came, she was soo happy. She loved it! She knew it wasn't the original one but I told her this was Raffi's brother. It made my mommy heart so happy to give that to her!! Heidi was happy too cause she got the other giraffe I bought. :)
It's been a couple months now. Today I was cleaning the playroom and I noticed something in their little play house between the lining, in the back of the play house. I unzipped it, stuck my hand around to the back and pulled out her old giraffe. I could not believe it!! I was so shocked! I showed it to Natalie and she said, "Mommy, what's wrong with it?" Pretty funny...I'm just glad we found it!
We found it in between the lining of this little play house.
This is the brand new one
The old one
The new one makes the old one look so dirty. :)
My very happy girl!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Need a laugh??

Last night I went to Bible Study and Shane stayed home with the girls. When I got back, he showed me these videos he took of the girls singing. It seriously made my whole day! And made me laugh hysterically!!

This one is of Natalie

Heidi wanted a turn too.  :)

Hope this makes you laugh as much as I did!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smorgasbord of Pictures

After being back from California and finally settling back in to the normal routine, I've found a bunch of pictures that I haven't put on here. The week before I left was crazy with my computer crashing so many times and I finally have it all set up like it's should be. I have to say...I LOVE my new computer!
 Beautiful, huh? It is soo so cool. Especially cause it was free but really it's just a nice computer. It's bigger than my old one. It has double the memory, all the latest programs and its super fast. I've been adding all my stuff to it and making it my own all week. Yay!! I've had to upload all my pictures off my hard drive and then organize them. That's how I found all these cute pictures that I forgot about. 
 Heidi watching a show after waking up from her nap.
 When I went to pick up my computer, Mom and Dad watched the girls for me. They spent most of the time on Dad's lap while he read to them or watched shows with them.
 We went to Shane's parents house for Jim's birthday. Heidi found a bottle of nail polish, spilled half on the floor and the other half all over her face.
 I gave the girls their very first bowl of cereal with milk in it. I'm sure that is probably strange but it is just way easier to give them dry cereal. No spills!! They did like it this way though. :)
 Thanks to our new dress up corner, the girls come out in all sorts of crazy outfits. This is pjs, fairy wings, princess wand, crown, necklace, skirt and derby hat. :)
 Shane has been doing the P90X and Heidi was trying to do it with him. Natalie got in on the action too but after the camera had been put away.
 What was I just saying about crazy outfits?? Heidi had a bunny bow on her head and gloves on her feet under her shoes.
 I just loved this picture. She looks so cute with her little pigtails.
 When I took the picture of Heidi, Natalie wanted her picture taken too.
 So honestly, Heidi has just been making adorable faces lately. I love her funny looks and I don't want to forget them! Natalie has been getting so big lately and I miss those little baby faces that she used to make. I'm just have to make sure I take pictures of all the cute stages!
 That is applesauce she has all over her face by the way. :)
 Shane and I went on an early Valentines Day date yesterday. It was SO nice!! Dane gave me an all day babysitting coupon for Christmas that I decided to use and Shane and I got to go out from nap time till bedtime. We test drove some trucks, went to dinner and then went shopping at the mall. When we got home we put the kids down, watched a movie and ate a little Carvel cake with two forks. A perfect date!! :)
Last one! I took this this morning before going to church. I can't get over the cuteness!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend with Hollyann

I found an AMAZING ticket to California from Augusta and had to go see my friend. It was just a quick weekend trip but was so worth it! I flew out on Thursday and did my BSF on the plane and finished a book. The 4 hour flight was so quiet. :) When I got to LAX Hollyann picked me up, we grabbed some In N Out and headed over to her boyfriend, Erik's house. This is the first time I've gotten to meet him and I definitely approve! He is a really great guy and I am so happy for the both of them!
The next day we ran a bunch of errands. We had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and just talked and talked. Pretty much what we did all weekend. :) We also saw Kevin Federline there which was pretty weird.  After that we hit the mall...nothing like the Augusta Mall I have to say. I have never been in a place with so many designer stores and boutiques!! Way out of my league. :) Then we rushed home to get ready to go out. We were supposed to just go out to dinner with two of her friends so I brought jeans, heals and a nice shirt. But instead we went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood which doesn't allow jeans. It's very formal! So Hollyann's mom let me borrow some clothes. She pretty much used me as a barbie doll and gave me a dress, a bracelet, necklace, and rings. I was so thankful!! We had a really great time. Erik brought us In N Out and we ate it before going in. The Magic Castle was so so cool. It is a private club and you can only get in if you know someone who is a member....which Erik is. We weren't allowed to have our phones on or take pictures but I will never forget it! The magicians were amazing. I still have no idea how they did any of it! 
The next day we went to Baja Fresh for lunch. Yum!! It was such a beautiful day! Perfect Southern California weather...actually made me miss living there a bit. :) We got our lunch and sat outside with no hurry to leave. More and more talking and then headed to DSW and Total Beverage. I miss living close to DSW!! So many shoes and not enough money to buy them all! I did settle on a cute pair of sandals for the cruise but the cutest part was Hollyann's daughter Savannah. She was on Erik's shoulders and you could just see her peeking over the racks of shoes. 
How cute is that?? Anyway...the rest of the day we all hung out.  Erik and Savannah watched a movie together while Hollyann and I had a glass or two of wine and just hung out on the guessed it...talking. :) It was such a great weekend. Very much needed and I can't wait to do it again!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Day

So today I was putting Natalie down for a nap and she was being really cute. This was our conversation:

Natalie: Isn't my penguin cute?
Me: Very cute. I think you're very cute too!
Natalie: And amazing Mommy.

So cute! Made my whole day! :)

I also got a call today from the Apple store. My computer has been in there so often lately! They said they couldn't fix it so they were just going to give me a new one. How crazy is that?? I had to have them repeat that cause I wasn't sure what they were actually saying. The people there are so nice and so friendly. And the fact that they are replacing my computer for free is just amazing. I love Mac computers! Even with all the trouble I've had this month, I will never go back to a PC. :)

So overall it has been nice today. Bible Study was awesome and tomorrow I am going to California for the weekend to visit my friend Hollyann. Just a quick trip but I am still very excited. Yay!! I love good days. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things to Remember

Every night when I put Heidi to bed we have to get her doggy, Peggy the panda, blue elephant, pink elephant, Hilda bear, Ra Re the giraffe, her pink blanket and her green blanket. Then we pray and she isn't finished till she has thanked God for everyone she knows. My favorite is when she thanks God for Grandma and Grandpa. She says, "Tank you por Dumpa Dumpa." Seriously, how cute is that?? I love how adorable she looks in this picture!
Not such a good picture but still a good memory. Today we signed Natalie up for preschool! She was soo excited. I'm actually surprised that we even signed her up. I never went to preschool and didn't think I would ever send my girls. Only for the reason that I'm home and they don't need to go anywhere if I'm here. But Natalie is a different kind of girl. She LOVES when I leave. She loves to spend time with Mammy when I go shopping, she actually asks if I can leave so she can have DeDe come over and babysit her. I knew she would love getting to play with other kids and getting the chance to learn. Today she got to see where she would go to school. She got to visit her classroom and even sit with the other kids and decorate a heart while I talked to the teachers. She was so happy! She talked about it all day and can't wait to go back. Now we just have to wait till August!