Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lights of the South

This is our 4th year going to Lights of the South. It's so much fun and the girls love going every year. This year it was a note in their advent and that made it even more exciting! We went with my parents, Dane, Nokie, Matthew, Gracie and her friend Stacey. I was really looking forward to making s'mores in the huge fire pits that they have there but by the time we got to the window they were all sold out! I was so sad!! This week I'm gonna take all the supplies over to my parents and making s'mores in their fireplace!! But other than that it was a great night. 
 There was a really long line to get into Lights of the South. I snapped a pic of all the girls waiting in the back. 
 Everyone wanted a pic with the gingerbread man...even though it doesn't look like it. :)

 The tunnel at the beginning of the hay ride. 
 Stacey and Gracie
 Dane and Nokie
 I got this shot by luck. She was so excited about the Cinderella castle that we passed. 
 That's Iwo Jima behind my dad

 They had Cinderella's carriage made of lights. We had to get a lot of pictures. :)
 Mom was on the other side of the carriage so I didn't get a shot of them all looking at me. 

 I love these. Especially the one with both of them looking. :)
And then these are the ones my mom took with her phone. Some really good ones just a little blurry.
 That is one of the castles that we drove through on our hayride.

All of us on the hayride in that castle :)
 Feeding Heidi one of the marshmallows that we roasted.
 She really really liked it. She kept licking my fingers!

Both of these are in that same castle 

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Kirk said...

What a great time we had. I enjoy going every year and have saved it on my calendar in my phone for next year with all the notes; don't go on a weekend night, bring our own makings for smors, bring hot chocolate, baby wipes, dress real warm... To much fun. Your pictures really turned out good and you made Mom's phone pictures look good as well. See you there next year!!! (not to mention the 365 days in between) Love you. Daddy