Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas!

Yesterday we started our official countdown. Yay! I don't know who is more or the girls! We are doing countdown chains and an advent calendar. Every day they each get to pull off a ring and they take turns opening a box for a special surprise. 
Natalie's is red and white and Heidi's is red and green. I got the advent calendar at Michaels last year...I really love it! I fill the boxes with little candies and notes. The notes have something we are going to doing as a family or some craft that they get to do. Yesterday was the first day and when they opened the box it said they got to open a special present. I had wrapped two presents with their initial on each one and then put it under the tree. They were so excited to get to open a present when it wasn't even Christmas yet!

 When we were out shopping Black Friday I found these adorable winter pjs that came with slippers. Perfect for Christmas but we can still use them after Christmas. Yay! They are super soft fleece pants and really cute. The girls loved them and couldn't wait to wear them last night.  

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Kirk said...

The girls are going to have such great memories of Christmas. You're a good mother. Love you. Daddy