Friday, January 28, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The girls and I made cookies today. This is the first time I let them help me and they were very excited. I brought all the bowls, ingredients and spoons to the kitchen table and let them take turns mixing and pouring in the flour. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be. And way less messy!! :)
 Natalie is stirring and Heidi is pretending to stir. :)
 They did really good. They only got a little bit of flour on the table!
 Natalie was much better at adding the flour than Heidi was. Although...Nat was the one who spilled. :)
 Watching the cookie dough balls turn into cookies.
 The reward for making good cookies!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being A Mom

What is wrong with this picture??
You might not actually notice but I have mascara on the right eye and not the left. I noticed this AFTER going to church this morning. I kept wondering what was wrong with my makeup cause something didn't look right. Anyway...I was putting on my makeup, I put mascara on one eye and noticed that Heidi was playing under the table with chewed up gum in a wrapper. I put my makeup down, cleaned her up, picked the gum out of the carpet and then left for church. I thought it was pretty funny when I finally noticed. :) 
Anyway...yesterday was a really fun day. We took the girls to Monkey Joe's for the first time. It's a place that has a whole bunch of Jolly Jumps in one room. It was actually way better than I though. Too expensive!! But still cool. They have free wi fi, tons of chairs...even some with massagers in them. The girls really loved it. Heidi liked staying in the little kid jumps. Natalie found her inner dare devil and went on everything. Even the huge slides. I was pretty impressed! We will definitely be back!
 These are kinda blurry iPhone pictures. But this is the kiddie jump. Heidi loved climbing over all the animals.
 This was a pretty big slide. This is Heidi climbing up the stairs. Natalie was showing her how to do it. Natalie loved it but Heidi wasn't so sure. Her heart was racing after she got down the slide! After that she was ready to go home. :)
 After this one Natalie decided to go on the really big slide. I could not believe how adventurous she was!!
Natalie and Heidi playing together in the kiddie area. They really had such a good time! Next time we are stuck in the house and they are driving me crazy we are heading to Monkey Joes!!

Then last night, Dana and I went to a Girlfriends party at church. It's a new thing they are starting that I guess is international. It's just a way to get together with other women, have fun and relax. We got to have a catered dinner and ended up sitting with the nicest ladies. I met a lady who had 2 kids the same ages as mine and we are going to try to have a play date soon. :) After dinner they had stations set up all over the room with different things. They had a beauty section where you could try out hand scrubs and lotions, a card making station, a game station, a starbucks station, a hang out on the couch and talk station and even a wii station. It was just a really fun night. I got myself a coffee went to a couple stations but pretty much stayed on the couch talking. I loved meeting so many new people!! Hopefully they will do it again too. So fun!! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Different Stuff

Just a bunch of random things today. It's been a crazy week and I feel like a bunch of stuff has happened.

So my computer crashed on Monday. I blame my printer. It wasn't working so I turned it off and then turned my computer off to reset them both. When I went to turn my computer back on the apple sign  flashed and then it shut itself back off. So irritating!! I took it to the Genius Bar at them! They said it was just a freak thing but I did end up losing everything on my computer. The stupid thing is, I have an external hard drive that was even hooked up to the computer. I just didn't back my stuff up. Well, I did...but the last time I did was last March. :/ So I lost all the music that I've purchased in the last 9 months, I lost all my documents, all the pictures on my computer. Thankfully I have all those on Shutterfly! I just bought an archive dvd and they will send me a disc with all my pics on it. That was the most important thing. The music is a pain but I don't buy music that often so it shouldn't be too expensive to buy them again. But now I have my Time Machine turned on, backing up my computer every 5 min! I have learned my lesson!!

Tonight Shane is at the Green Bay @ Atlanta playoff game. A friend invited him and they got a really good price on tickets so they just went. His friend James is a big Green Bay fan so he brought down all the gear for Shane to wear. A jersey, a couple t-shirts and two cheese head hats to wear. Shane is a 49er fan so he doesn't care who wins. He called me when they got to Atlanta and said they decided to leave the cheese head hats in the car. He said they didn't want to carry them around all day but I think they just didn't want to get beat up by some crazy Falcon fans. :) If you are watching the game tonight they are sitting near the goal post, second level, 5 rows back. I'll let you know if I see them!

We are leaving on our cruise in 48 days! I am so excited. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but when Shane and I went on our honeymoon he got sick. Twice. We went to Carmel and by the time we got there we was shivering and shaking in his seat. We got to our hotel room and he ran to the bathroom to throw up. I tucked him in bed, he was freezing and shivering and sweating. He had flu like symptoms for 3 days. The last 3 days of our time in Carmel was great. As soon as we got home he got strep throat. :) It's pretty funny when you look back on it but I am definitely looking forward to our anniversary trip. A second honeymoon! We are flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 5th and leaving on the cruise on the 6th so we'll have two days to explore before getting on the boat. We have one day at sea and then go to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten and then St. Croix before coming back to San Juan. Then we have one more day to chill and relax on the beach before flying home on the 14th. We've been planning this for almost 5 years...I am so ready to finally go!!

And finally...cause no post is complete without pictures. Here are my cute girls. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

Today was a long day! My girls were driving me nuts crazy! The poor things got to play in the snow yesterday morning but then it got really icy and they haven't been out of the house since.  We were all going a little stir crazy so Colie gave me a great idea. Make snow ice cream! I've never done that before but the kids thought it was a great idea. They were so excited. They got on their snow boots and jackets and headed out to get snow.  I told them they could only get snow off of the patio table. Who know what they would have brought in if I had let them loose in the backyard. :)
 Scraping snow off the table. It was covered in a good layer of ice so I helped break it up a little.
 Heidi stealing a bite before we got inside. :)
 All our snow. It was pretty icy but it seemed to work fine. I'm not actually sure what snow ice cream is supposed to look like but the kids liked it and that is pretty much all that mattered!
 I put peaches on top. Beautiful presentation, huh? Especially for kids who don't care. :)
 This is Heidi's smile while chewing look.
This is Natalie's smile while chewing look!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy Busy

It has been a busy weekend in the Yeager household. We are also now a diaper free household!! Yay!! We potty trained Heidi on Friday. Natalie spent the whole day and night with my mom. She loved it. They made bows for her hair together. When she got home she told me the whole process step by step. Very cute. 
With Natalie at my mom's we were able to just focus on Heidi. She has been asking to use the potty for a while now so she did really well when we finally let her. She pretty much ran around all day with no clothes on. :) Also very cute! While we were stuck in the house all day I organized the play room while Heidi copied Shane while he worked out. The cutest part was her hopping up and down trying to do jumping jacks. :) She didn't have any accidents at all the first day and only 1 the second day. I still haven't taken her out of the house much cause it's too hard to stay within 5 seconds of a bathroom at all times. :) 
I ran out to Target on Sunday to get some rain boots for the girls because the weatherman said we were going to get snow. Poor girls have just been getting their shoes and socks wet when we got any good rain or snow. I took Natalie with me and these are what she picked out.
It was a good thing I bought them cause the weatherman was right. We woke up this morning to snow. Natalie was so excited! She ran into my room this morning telling me there was snow all over the ground. It was pretty cold and wet so I just let the girls play in the backyard. They brought their spoons and ate the snow off of the slide. :) 
 Heidi all bundled up
 Natalie's favorite thing to do is eat snow. She LOVES it!! :)
They lasted about 45 min before coming in cause they were too cold. I had them get warm and cozy under their blankets.
 After peeling off all the extra layers. Look at that cute, diaper free booty! She is so tiny without all that extra padding!! I can't believe my little girls are getting so big!(sniff, sniff)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas is Over!

We took down all the decorations today. Yay! I LOVE decorating for Christmas and I like to do it as early as possible. But as soon as Christmas is over I like to take it all down! It killed me waiting this long. :) While putting away Christmas stuff and putting gifts away I took some pictures of my Mom's gifts to the girls.
 When I was a little girl my mom made me huge bows. I always had bows in my hair and they were always huge!! I was scarred for life!! :) She made my girls a ton of bows for Christmas but she made little ones. I absolutely love them. This one is my favorite for has a little jingle bell on it so I can hear where she is. :)
My mom also made the girls pillow cases. She made me a pillow case like this when I was 3 or 4. It had all the same writing on it but the picture was a care bear. I had it forever! I took it to Spain with me when I was 15 and left it in a hotel in Portugal. I was soo upset. When the girls opened their gift and I saw these pillow cases I was so happy. I love that she made them the same thing she made me. 
This was our gift from Bub and Solongo. Cool, huh?? Brent did a self portrait and it turned out awesome. Now I just need a frame. last gift picture. I just really loved all my home made gifts this year! These were from Gracie and she made them herself. They are so beautiful and look like something you'd buy out of a store. 
So now that we are in the new year...I don't have any resolutions. Shane's cousin told us about something that she does where she picks a word for the year. Something to set the tone for the year ahead. In her words, "It could be anything, it just had to inspire you. The idea is that this is YOUR word for the whole year - a singular rallying cry, intention, reminder, kick in the pants, inspiring thought.... use it however you like. Live it for the year. See how you feel." So my word for the year is SMILE. I want to remember to smile when my kids make a huge mess eating their food, smile when they use silly words instead of just going on with my day, smile when they are calling me for the millionth time. I want to remember to smile in all situations to lift my spirits and the spirits of the people around me.
Anyway...I hope you all have a wonderful year and that you enjoy every moment.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is so different when you have kids. Shane and I used to have parties or go to parties, stay up late and sleep in. Since we've had kids we have only stayed up half the time. :) This year we had Shane's sister Sabrina over with her husband Colby and their two little boys, Jayden and Kingston. Dana and Nokie came over too. We put the little ones to bed early.  We had Kingston in a play pen in our bedroom, Nokie in the guest room and both my girls in their beds. Heidi woke up once because of the fireworks and Kingston woke up once which woke Nokie up. Ahh...the joys of parenthood! :) Anyway...we did have a fun night. We played games and toasted in the new year. And of course had some good food to munch on. 
 We got Colby cigars for his birthday...which was 2 days ago...and they smoked them together.
 Me and Dane
 Playing Apples to Apples. I had the worst cards ever! It was still really fun though.
 A great picture of Sabrina and Colby
 Right after we toasted in the new year with Dick Clark
Happy New Year!