Friday, December 9, 2011

16 Days till Christmas!

Last night the girls made snowman ornaments. I learned my lesson from last time and took more pictures. :)
 They were very serious about putting the stickers where they were supposed to go! 
 Don't you love Nat's hair? She brought me the headband and rubberband and asked me to do it this way. Pretty cute. :)

Natalie's is on the left and Heidi's is on the right. Natalie did it like the picture...she likes to follow the rules. Heidi just did what she wanted to do. :) Natalie also found extra little circles and put them over the eyes. The girls are having so much fun with these Christmas crafts!

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Kirk said...

What an amazing job the girls did on their snowmen. Very impressive! Loved the deep concentration. Love you. Daddy