Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Last night we spent the night in. We took the girls out for ice cream. We went to Baskin Robbins and they were closed. Not happy about that!! We ended up at Brewsters and had to eat outside in the freezing cold. The girls didn't care though. I bought them noise makers this year and when we got home they ran around the house being loud and crazy.  We put them to bed and thankfully they are really sound sleepers cause we had fireworks going off in our neighborhood all night! Dane, Renita and Gracie brought over pizza and we spent New Years Eve together. Gracie watched tv while we played cards. Such a fun night! At midnight we all had our champagne and Dane and Gracie had sparkling cider...Dane was driving. :) We played another round of cards and then went to bed. Way too late for me!! I was soo tired this morning! Although I did take an amazing two hour nap today....heaven!! We spent today at my parents house watching football. No one makes football food better than my parents! 
 Playing with my new iphone 4s...thank you Santa!!
The girls with their favorite flavors...vanilla for Heidi and Strawberry for Natalie

 Gracie's spot for the evening
 Playing cards...that's my kinda fun :)
 Cheers!! Happy New Year!

 Trying to be artistic. :) I just thought it looked pretty. 
Me and Gracie

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Kirk said...

I figured you would have a great bring in the New Years with Dana and Trin ready to play cards. Mom and I had our traditional celebration, sound asleep by 9:30. It's an Old thing. New Years day was fun and, as you noted, Mom's football food was superb as always. Happy New Years to you all. Love you. Daddy