Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More House Pictures

 I realized that I never finished putting up pictures from when Mom and I redecorated. I am still loving my dining room. It really is amazing. It makes me feel so happy when I go in there. :) The play room is THE best thing I have ever done in this house. The kids love it. They are always in it. And...my whole house is cleaner because of it. All the toys stay in the one room and if they do bring them in the living room, it's easy to just take them back where they go. I really love the little changes that we made to the living room. We just moved furniture around...nothing crazy...but it made a big difference. The room is cozier and just looks more finished.
We moved the pictures of the girls from by my desk to an empty wall.  We put up a shelf underneath and my mom added all the pretties to it. Looks so much better there! Then we moved the little glass table that was on that wall to the wall by the tv. That was where all the kids toys were before we had a playroom.  So overall...way better. :)


Kirk said...

Wow, like the corner by the TV. Looks amazing. Good job! Love you. Daddy

Caryn said...

I just love the pictures of the girls on the wall. Looks amazing!