Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Alaska Pipeline

 Colie drove us out to the Alaskan Pipeline today. It was freezing...again. :)
 I wanted to try to touch it but I couldn't jump high enough. :) 

So today we got to sleep in. I slept till 9:30!! So nice! When the kids got up, the boys went snowboarding and the girls went shopping. Shopping, shopping, shopping. We are trying to help Colie get her Christmas shopping done so that we can bring it back with us instead of her having to mail it all. Colie wanted to take me skiing today but I'm too scared. I have never been skiing and I just know that she will ditch me once I'm on the hill. :) She also wanted to make me walk to the shopette to get some milk while it was snowing!! Thankfully the kids talked me out of it. :) Now, after a day of shopping we are home and warm, waiting for the boys to get back from snowboarding. I'm getting ready to make some dinner and bake some cookies. Yummy monster cookies. :)

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Kirk said...

Nice pictures with you and the pipeline. I see you still have moms Uggs on. Love you. Daddy