Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know...crazy it from Luke. :) We were going to celebrate Thanksgiving today so that we could have the leftovers tomorrow before we went home. I really wanted a turkey sandwich...that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner! Colie bought a massive turkey and she put it in the over for 6 hours!! While it was cooking we ran around to a couple shops and when we came back we weren't really in the mood to do the whole Thanksgiving spread. So we decided to have leftovers today and Thanksgiving tomorrow. LeftBeforeHands. :) 
 Carving the Turkey
Let me just say...this was the best idea ever!! The turkey cooked all day in the oven, we used paper plates, added some avacado and some chips and it was the best meal ever. Now tomorrow whenever we are ready to eat we just heat up the sliced turkey, make the sides and eat dinner. No crazy all day cooking. Just a nice dinner and a day of thankfulness. I think it should be a new tradition!!

The weather here has been super crazy. It hasn't been this rainy in the winter since 1939. It's been warm and nice...not even a jacket today. But tonight it started getting colder and foggy. It looked absolutely beautiful. Colie and I took Daisy for a walk so we(she) could get some pretty pictures. I made her put the camera on an electrical box and set the timer so we could get a picture of both of us. She had to run through the snow before the timer went off. :) The hill behind us is their ski slope.

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Kirk said...

A fantastic Thanksgiving and beautiful pictures of you and Colie. I might add, you look very outdoorsy in your mothers Uggs. Love you. Daddy