Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sun Came Out!

It is so weird here! It doesn't get light until around 10 am and then it starts getting dark around 3. It makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning and then at 4 o'clock you think it's time to get back in bed!! But the strange thing is that even though it's light outside there still is no sun. Today we actually saw the sun!! It was so exciting. :) Not until 2 though when it was almost behind the trees. We were downtown, looking in a few cute shops. Colie wanted us to walk around outside in the snow cause it was such a warm beautiful day...30 degrees! We must have brought some Georgia heat with us. :) It was still too cold for me but Colie did a few pictures. 
 These are downtown overlooking the Chena River.

 Can't believe Mom actually sat in the snow just so Colie could take her picture!
 We drove over to the ski slopes on base to say hi to the boys. The sun was setting behind the pretty!! They were at the lodge so we were able to say hi and take a picture with them before they took off for more snowboarding.  Can't believe I used to watch these guys when they were babies and now they are both taller than me!!

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Kirk said...

So glad you are all having such a wonderful time. Make sure you bring home lots of pictures. Love you. Daddy