Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Day in Alaska

Today was such a cool day!! We left this morning around 8 when it was still really dark and drove 2 hours to the Chena Hot Springs. It isn't usually that far away but it was dark and snowing so we were driving slow! It was a beautiful drive and we had plenty of time to have girl talk before we leave tonight!
I took this one out the window while Colie was driving. I love how it looks!
This is my very favorite picture! It is so pretty!! The hot springs were in such a beautiful spot. Tucked in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains and trees...totally gorgeous! 

When we got there it was really really cold. I was freezing on the walk from the car to the main building...not very far away and I was bundled up. :) We got inside and we had to take our shoes off and go into the locker room to change into our bathing suits. I did NOT want to walk outside in nothing but a bathing suit! It was soo cold! But I did. :) We walked to the water area and there was a ramp going into the springs. The water was so hot that it hurt my feet. It was freezing cold outside and super hot in the water...hard to decide whether to stay out or in! Once I got used to it it was amazing. Such a cool place! It actually got very hot while we were in the water, even with the snow falling on us! We stayed for about an hour, took a whole bunch of pictures and then headed back home for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Running from the building to the water, freezing cold but Colie wanted me to stop so she could get a picture!
Colie put her camera on a rock to get a picture of us together.
Isn't this an awesome picture of Mom??

So we come home and start making Thanksgiving dinner. Since we made the turkey yesterday it was soo easy! I really think that we should do this whole thing next year...make the turkey the day before. It just made it an easy stressing...not much cleanup. :) Anyway...Mom made mashed potatoes, I made green bean casserole, Colie made stuffing and gravy. Dinner was ready in less than an hour and cleanup was 15 min! Such a great Thanksgiving!
 All the yummy food. We were all ready to sit down and then we realized that we forgot to heat up the turkey! Pretty funny :)
 I confiscated all electronics before we ate. It was a quiet meal with no dinging or buzzing!
 Everyone gathered to pray before the meal. I had to get the picture first and then join them. :)

This has been a really great Thanksgiving! I talked to Natalie this morning and asked her what she was thankful for. She said her Mommy, Daddy and Mammy. :) I am thankful for so many things this year. Most of all for my amazing husband and adorable little girls. They are the best gifts ever! I'm also really thankful that my husband took care of everything at home so I could spend a week with my sister! :)

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Kirk said...

I am so glad you and your mother were able to visit Colie and experience Alaska and especially the hot springs. A once in a life tome adventure. I love you. Daddy