Friday, November 19, 2010

In Alaska

We are finally here! Well, we've been here for a few days now. Our flight here was soo long! We almost missed our connection in Seattle and ran to get there. The flights were really full and uncomfortable so we weren't able to sleep but I did read almost an entire book. :) We got here super late and we were exhausted but we switched time zones pretty well. The first day here we went grocery shopping. I brought a ton of recipes to make while I'm here. All desserts!! I made a chocolate cake last night. And hopefully I'll make a bunch of cookies the rest of the time I'm here. 
Today we had so much fun. We went to the north pole!! How awesome is that?? We saw Santa and the reindeer, we went shopping at Santa's Village, we took crazy pictures in the snow. We went to the "mall" funny. It is the area between Safeway and Micheals...maybe 10 or 11 stores. Probably smaller than the Micheals store itself. Pretty funny.
 We were driving to the North Pole and Colie just pulled over to take pictures. Everything is so pretty...there are photo opportunities all over the place! Love the one of me and Gracie.

 The North Pole!! They could totally build this way up and have more stuff around. All the light posts are candy canes though...that was pretty cool.
 We went to Santa's Workshop and got to see Santa! He was so friendly. We all got to sit on his lap. :)
 They have so many moose things here! Had to take a picture with the giant moose. My goal for my Alaska trip is to take a picture with a real moose though...we'll see how that goes. :)
My favorite picture! That is Santa's reindeer!! Wish they weren't behind so much wire!


Kirk said...

Love the North Pole pictures! I hope your mother bought something from there decoration wise. It would be a great addition to her Christmas collection. Love you. Daddy

Shane said...

The girls loved the moose! Still waiting on a picture of you with a real moose ;) Love you