Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know...I have the cutest kids ever. I really can't get over this picture! They are so happy! I don't think anything makes a mommy heart happier. :) 
We didn't take the girls trick-or-treating this year. I want to wait till they are a little older. We let them dress up in thier outfits from Nokie's birthday and they were very excited. They were most excited about people coming to the house for candy. They stood at the door, looking out the window for kids. When they saw kids coming they would start yelling and then grab handfuls of candy to put in their bags. Mostly it was cute little neighborhood kids. There were only a few creepy kids/teenagers. It was great when it was still light outside. As soon as it got dark Natalie started getting scared of the costumes so we called it a night.
 Shane, the girls and our pumpkins. From left to right...Natalie's pumpkin, Shane's pumpkin, my pumpkin and Heidi's pumpkin.
 I put on fairy wings to take a picture with my little fairies :)
 Getting ready to pass out candy
 Waiting for the kids to come
I love these girls!

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Kirk said...

The kids really are the cutest ever. Love the first picture of Heidi grinning from ear to ear. Don't think I have ever seen her smile that big. Love your pumpkins too. Great carving jobs. Love you. Daddy