Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Days Left!!

I can't believe I'm actually going to Alaska. I've been trying to get so much done before I leave. I've been decorating the house for Christmas so I don't have to when I get back. I've been running around all week, making sure I have everything I need and everything Colie wants me to bring her. :) I've been to Target, the mall, CVS, and Target over and over. I go out and then come home and then realize I forgot one of the things on my list. Thankfully I start preparing way early...helps with my forgetful baby brain that I got with Natalie that never went away! I also wanted to bring their Christmas gifts with me so I wrapped those tonight. I have to say...I got THE CUTEST wrapping paper ever! I love love love it. :)  I also decided to use raffia this year as ribbon. I don't know why I did that. It's so messy and so hard to use. If there is anyone who knows a good way of using the stuff, please let me know!
 For those of you who don't know...I have a thing for reindeer/moose. I love them. I have a bunch all over my house.  Mostly just at Christmas time. I love them all year but I can get away with having them all over my house at Christmas. :) Here are just a few....
 This is my very first moose. I painted it when Shane was in boot camp our first year of marriage.
 I guess technically this was my very first one even though he is a reindeer. My best friend Hollyann gave this to me when we were probably 14. Funny thing is it still smells like her perfume. :)

 I painted this moose a couple years later to give away as a gift but I liked it too much and kept it for myself. I think that is when I realized that I liked them so much. :)

Then I started getting them as gifts. Colie bought me this cookie jar that is always filled with Monster Cookies whenever I start baking my Christmas cookies. 

 These are our stockings. I made them too. Wow...I really look craftly don't I?? :) The reindeer one is mine. :)
This is my newest arrival from Aunt Marilyn. Totally cute. But really this does not even cover them all. I have a BUNCH!
But back to Alaska...I'll get off my craziness for all things moose! It hit me the other day that I am leaving for 10 days. Now, while I am massively excited to see Colie, Luke, Matthew and Gracie, having 10 days of peace and quiet, 10 days of doing whatever I want, 10 days of mommy free time...I can't believe I'm leaving my girls for 10 days! Isn't that crazy? I want to go so bad and I am so excited to leave but I am already feeling so so sad about leaving. My girls are so cute and cuddly and sweet. Natalie and I are having real conversations now. We can talk about things and she asks questions and listens to my answers. She is so smart. I love how she thinks! She makes me laugh all the time with the things she comes up with. Today when I went to get her from her nap she hadn't slept and when I asked her why she said, "Naps are just weird, Mom."
Heidi is the cutest thing ever. She makes my heart smile! The looks she gives are so angelic and sweet and mischievous all at the same time. She is at my favorite age right now. I don't want her to move to the next one...she can stay right here forever! I'm going to miss them so much!!

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Kirk said...

You have the cutest Moosei only second to your cutest kids. I know you will miss them but it will probably dwindle as the plane rolls down the runway. Love you. Daddy