Wednesday, November 10, 2010

County Fair

Being raised on the LA County Fair, it's hard to even call anything else a fair. When we would go to the fair as kids it was a HUGE all day thing. We would walk around all day, looking at all the animals and the exhibits. We were only allowed to go on one ride...the big yellow slide that was by the flower exhibits. We never cared though. And at the end of the day we sat on those machines that were all different colors, stuck our quarter in and got a foot massage. The best!! Going to the fair was so exciting and special. We got to eat good food and see cool things. And we did it as a family. The fair here is so tiny. There are no exhibits, no animals. The only thing they have are rides and food. So every year I look forward to going to this fair just so I can get an amazingly good corn dog. It's the only thing I go for. I love them and since I live in a place with no Weinersnitzel, no Hot Dog on a Stick and no A&'s the only time I get them. :)
I ate it all before remembering to take a picture of the beutiful corndog. :) 
The kids favorite part is the carosel. Natalie wanted to go on all by herself with no one holding her on. Heidi had no idea that I was taking pictures of her. I think it took her 4 or 5 times around before she even noticed me. Dane and Nokie went with us too. Nokie loved being on the carosel...she wanted to go on again. 
 Everyone happy on their rides
 Heidi finally noticing me
Love this one!
From there we walked over to the big slide. little scaredy cat...wanted to go on it. Shane took her on his lap and it was so cute. She was laughing hysterically the whole way down!

Nokie decided she wanted to go too. Shane took her up the steps and down the slide. She did great but as soon as she saw Dana at the bottom she started crying. 
Then we went to the petting zoo so the kids could feed the animals. Personally...I think that's gross! So I stand back and take pictures and Shane helps the girls feed the animals. Heidi kept sticking her fingers in their mounths'. So scary!! 
 These goats loved the kids!
 Heidi went up to pet this sheep and the sheep kissed her. It was so cute!
Nokie's turn with the baby cow. 
Our last stop was the teacups. Natalie saw them when we walked in and we had some tickets leftover to use. Shane took both girls. Natalie loved it but Heidi didn't like it at all. :)

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Kirk said...

Looks like you had a great time at our little fair. Sure would like to back to the LA County Fair one more time. We always had so much fun there. Love you. Daddy