Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lazy Lazy Day

We must have brought a bunch of warm Georgia air with us on our trip! Alaska is having a heatwave! It melted the snow and then froze again hovering between 30-35 degrees. Then there was freezing rain. The boys took the bus to school but Gracie's school was canceled. By 10 o'clock the boys were calling for Colie to come get them. They saw 5 accidents on the way to school and a bunch of cars in ditches. The buses weren't allowed to take anyone home cause they weren't safe enough. Colie and I went to get the boys in her car. Thank goodness she is a good snow/ice driver!! She went really really slow and still slid around. It was like driving on an ice rink! It took almost twice as long to get there and back so once we were home we didn't go out again. Gracie didn't get out of her pjs all day, the boys vegged in front of the tv and we all just kinda hung out. I made more made taquitos and we ate them all!
 Happy to not be in school! Even though it might not look like it. :)
 Momma's yummy taquitos!
Rolo right out of the oven!

I've been talking to Shane and the girls on iChat since I've been here. It's so nice to be able to talk to my girls even though I'm in Alaska. Heidi isn't too sure about the computer. She talks to me a little bit but not too much. If Colie gets on, Heidi get's really shy and hides under the computer desk. :) I just love being able to see her. I feel like she is getting bigger every day that I'm gone! Nat is so funny. We'll get on and she'll ask..."Where are you Mommy?? 'Laska?"  We talk about her day and make silly faces. She is growing up so fast. She understands so much and I love the conversations we have. Tonight she was showing me that she got to wear Daddy's t-shirt to bed. :)

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Kirk said...

The boys look like they are about to get beat on the head rather than glad they are not in school. Mom's taquitos look fantastic and I can not believe you guys ate them all! Just Wrong!! You sure are cute though with all your cookies. Love you. Daddy