Friday, October 1, 2010

Natalie's Last Soccer Game

 Soccer season is over. I'm really happy that we signed Natalie up this year. She learned things and had a lot of fun. There is such a huge difference from when she started to this last game. We happened to play a really good team this last game so it wasn't as nice as last week. Last week we played a team that was on the same level as our team. It was so much fun to watch. They all had a chance to play and kick the ball. This week we played a team that was mostly 4 year old boys. They were running circles around our little team! Literally! One kid was amazing and he would kick the ball way back to our goal and then run to get it and bring it back. He would pass it to the smaller kids on his team to give them a chance and still our kids barely touched the soccer ball. :) They had fun though and when the game was over we had some snacks. Cookies, chips and drinks. They were very happy about that! Then the coach passed out medals. I think they were happier with the snacks. :) But I got pictures and that is all that really matters. Natalie will have great memories to look back on when she gets older. :) 
 This is the kid that was running circles around everyone else
 This is what my little girl was doing today. She wasn't in the mood to play...probably cause she wasn't getting anywhere near the ball.
 The last few minutes they let everyone from both teams get on the field.
 I think this part is so cute! I love when they give high fives to the other team.
 All done! She just wanted cookies. :)
 Happy Girl
 The team relaxing after the season of soccer is over. Heidi made herself at home with the team. :) cute is this?
 She shared her medal with Heidi.
 I love this shot!

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