Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Sweet Girls

 I am really loving this stage for Heidi. She is so adorable! Right now she is saying so many more words and her voice is so sweet and soft. She loves to sing. Every night before she goes to bed we sing Jesus Loves Me together. Some of my favorite phrases are, Where aaaare you? and I love you soooo much.  She has the biggest smile. I guess it's more of a grin. It really lights up her whole face. You have to smile when she does...you can't help it. She only has two gears when she is moving...standing or running. When I pick her up from the Y or Sunday school, as soon as she sees me she yells, "Mommy!" and comes running as fast as her little legs will take her. She gives the best hugs and the cutes kisses. She loves to kiss me goodbye and then pretend to go somewhere. There are so many cute things about her I can't even think of them all! Although I can thing of one thing that she does that drives me crazy. She now answers everything with No!! But then she started saying No thank you, No thank you. And that totally makes me smile. You know how hard it is to be in the middle of disciplining your kid when all you want to do is laugh??
 I was cleaning my room and changing sheets yesterday and Heidi comes running in my room like this. They she looks at herself in the mirror and laughs hysterically! Such a funny kid!
And then there is Natalie. She is way past the cuddly toddler phase. Although she never really liked to cuddle. The only time I get to cuddle with Natalie is after she takes a nap...if she takes a nap. She likes to watch a show and sit on my lap until she is totally awake. Then she takes off never to return again.  She makes up her own songs and loves to pretend. She has an excelent memory...don't try to get anything past her! She is really smart. She tries to talk me into doing what she wants to do. If I say it's time for bed she says, How about a show first then bed? How about is how she starts most of her sentences. She is always trying to reason with me. She has been having a hard time since Shane has been gone. She just started throwing temper tantrums. Full on throw yourself on the floor, kick your legs and scream bloody murder. It's very nice. Last night she came into my room at 2:30 in the morning wanting to sleep with me. I told her she had to sleep in her own bed and got a full on tantrum in the middle of the night. Not a nice way to wake up! She is really good though otherwise. She is a great big sister. She loves to help Heidi and to "teach" her. She can't wait to go to school and go on a school bus. Hopefully she will stay excited for the next 2 years till she starts kindergarten. :)
 Cuddle time after actually taking a nap :)
I bought her a pair of pink cowboy boots from Target. She LOVES them!! She couldn't wait to show Bumpa her new "kicks" :)

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Kirk said...

You have some cute kids, that's for sure. I agree, you can't help but laugh at Heidi. She is something else. I just wish she wasn't so fast and so silent. She scares me. Love you. Daddy