Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Heidi!

 We celebrated Heidi's birthday today at the park. A couple problems but it turned out really great. First...the balloons weren't ready when we picked them up. So then we were late to the park and all the tables were taken...except for the ones right by the play area. It wasn't too bad...they just had dirt under them instead of concrete so we all kept getting bit by little ants. Then the final little hiccup was that fall starts tomorrow. Not today...tomorrow!! It was so hot!! The kids didn't mind though. They played on the playground for a while until we were ready to open gifts. When it was time to open gifts, Heidi wasn't all that interested. We moved through them really fast! She got some of the cutest clothes and great toys. that the girls are in bed I'm going to go through everything again to get a better look at it. :) After gifts we did cupcakes. Heidi really loved blowing out her candle. Thankfully the wind didn't blow it out first. She pretty much ate all the frosting off of her cupcake and then she was over it. All the kids were ready to go play in the water. Heidi loves playing in the water. Natalie liked to play in the water too but more on the outside of the water. Heidi was all in the water and totally loved it. It was a great party for her. :) We took millions of pictures. Shane wasn't able to be there so I wanted him to see everything. My Dad video taped for me too....everything!! 

 Sisters...showing off their pretty outfits cute is that??
 Had to get a picture with my birthday girl. The first shot she saw a puppy. :)

 I love her piggy tails
 Heidi's cupcake and her funny face.

 She really liked it!

 Natalie was so happy
 Silly Nokie
 Jacob and Jayden
 Dane ran the girls through the frog
 They loved it!
 Ava and cute!
I think she had a good birthday!

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Kirk said...

Great pictures. Your babies are soooooooooo cute! So you think I took a view too many minutes of video?? You are probably right but I don't think I missed anything! Love you. Daddy