Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Date Night

 Shane came home last week and after two days off he had to go right back to work. :( He works Sunday through Wednesday so today was his Friday. Yay! I emailed him at work this afternoon to see if he wanted to go out. Then I emailed my mom and sister to see if one of them could babysit and after getting a yes from both I hopped in the shower to shave my legs. :) While I was doing that, Heidi got into my craft room and started drawing all over her and Nat with markers. Nat came running to tell me that Heidi was doing something wrong. So I ran to get Heidi, threw the kids clothes in the wash, tried to throw together a somewhat sexy outfit, and put my face on before Shane got home from work. When he gets home, he runs up to take a shower and Heidi climbs on top of her changing table and dumps all the powder all over her and the floor. She decided not to take a nap today and was getting into everything! When Dane came over I had her take a picture of us. This next picture is of me telling Natalie not to push on the screen of the window. Total mom face. I don't know what Shane's doing. :)

My kids love it when Dana stays with them. I told Natalie that Dana and Nokie were going to come over and she got so excited. And then she asked,"And you're going to go away Mommy?" She likes to be left with people. Strange kid! 
Dinner was awesome. We got yummy Bang Bang Shrimp and split a salmon dinner. We got to have real conversations and not get interrupted 20 times. We didn't scarf our food so that we could chase after the kids. We even had a candle on the table. Ahh...It was a good day. 


mitzi said...

That is definitely not what my mom face looks like! Yours is gorgeous! Looks like you've all been having lots of fun.

Caryn said...

You look absolutely beeeeeeuuuuutiful!