Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

The front room of our house has been a catch all since we moved in. It's set up strange and I just didn't know what to do with it. The room is really long and nothing really fit. Here is a picture from last Thanksgiving when we had ALL the family over. That's why there are so many chairs. :) Anyway, I'm standing in the dining room looking into the front room. It's basically all one room with some pillars in between.
First I started painting. It took me a little longer than normal because Shane wasn't home to watch the girls while I painted. I just painted during naps and at bedtime. I was so happy to finally have a plan for the room!  I painted the room the same color as the entry way. I want to have some fun stuff on the walls so I thought this would be a good background color. After I finished painting my mom came over and helped me move out all the junk that was in there and move in all the toys that have been scattered all over the house. We set up the playroom and it turned out awesome. All of the little colored baskets have sorted toys. I am soo happy with it! It's not totally finished. I want to set up a dress up corner with a mirror, add a chalk/magnet board, and I found this really cool picture of a tree to put on the wall. Hopefully we'll move out the filing cabinet and put in a tv so they can watch movies. Someplace for me to sit would be nice too. My backside doesn't fit on those little stools very well. :)
  Taken from the dining room
Taken from the entry way

The insperation for this huge makeover started a couple weeks ago when my mom and I decided to go shopping and I bought all these curtains. Let's just say I got inspired! I bought curtains for my dining room.
Curtains for the entry way so that when the play room is messy I can just close them and no one will know the difference.
And then curtains to separate the play room from the dining room.

I'll add more pictures when it's complete.  Another thing that we, (my mom, dad, aunt and I) have been working on is a hutch. My Aunt Deni gave it to me and it started out looking like this.
We took the crown molding off the top, changed out the handles and then painted it black. And it looked like this.
Then we had a mirror and glass shelves made and it ended up like this.

 My house looks so beautiful now. My mom really should be a designer or at least a professional stager. She is so awesome at that! My house just feels complete now. There are still lots of things I can do to it but just things to make it better. Not things to finish it. :) And I have to add...if it weren't for all the help it would never have been finished! My mom and I had so many ideas that we threw at my dad and he just figured them all out. He's awesome! :)


Christy B said...

Everything looks so nice Shanena! I especially like the dining room area with the red and black. The curtains were a great idea to transform the room.

Kirk said...

You and your Mom have really taken your house and made it into a beautiful home. I must say though, I will be glad when you two are finished... Love you. Daddy