Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shane's Home!!

I went to the airport last night to pick up Shane and when he come walking toward me he had a cooler in his hand. It seriously looked like he was carrying a heart transplant or something. :) It was better than that...he brought me my favorite ice cream in the whole world!! He went through so much trouble to bring it to me. He packed the ice cream in a cooler with dry ice and frozen peas. I'll have to have him post his whole ordeal on here. :) It was heaven! I had two bowls last night. Well...two coffee cups. I've always liked my ice cream in coffee cups. Anyway, the deal is...this is the best ice cream ever and they don't sell it out here. Only on the west coast. Whenever we go to California I get a half gallon and just eat it with a spoon. It makes me so happy. :) It was the perfect gift!!

This morning when Natalie woke up, Shane went in to get her. I stayed in bed, listening. She was so excited and started talking a mile a minute. Trying to catch up the whole last 8 weeks in 5 minutes. Then it was Heidi's turn. She was so excited but she doesn't have as many words as her sister. We all cuddled on the couch and watched the girls' favorite shows. Then they showed off their play room. After making Shane play with all their toys, we headed to the park. They wanted Shane to hold their hands, Shane to push them on the swings, Shane to race with them to the turtles, Shane to watch them go down the slide. They are so happy to have their daddy home!! Me too! :)


 Natalie loves to race. She likes to be faster than everyone else. Thankfully Heidi is still younger and slower. :)

 I'm so happy my family is back together!

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Kirk said...

Great pictures of Shane with the girls. It's sure nice to have him home again and we are really looking forward to tomorrow and a day of eating, as if I need to eat any more. Love you. Daddy