Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shane's Amazing Guys Weekend

This weekend Shane has a a four day weekend so he rented a car and drove a couple hours to my cousin Julie's house near Phoenix. Shane's friend Steve drove out from Camarillo to meet him there and they are golfing all weekend with Julie's husband Ricky. They are having such a good time! They are eating good food, staying up drinking and playing lots and lots of golf. I think right now they are watching football together. Shane is in heaven!! :) Julie sent me some pictures from today that I had to post on here. Thanks Julie!!
Steve, Shane and Ricky golfing. Julie was there too but I'm guessing she is taking the picture. :)
Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Shane said something about Kobe beef. I think I heard him drooling over the phone. :)
Sushi as an appetizer. Another one of Shane's favorite things. :) It's like Christmas in October!!

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Kirk said...

I'm certainly not feeling sorry for Shaners! What a great weekend for the guys. Good for them, but I'm a little jealous. Love you. Daddy