Friday, October 29, 2010

Such a Fun Day!!

We had such a fun day todday! All day long. It was so great. We went to Steed's Dairy this morning. I thought that it was a pumpkin patch and that we'd pick out some pumpkins with the girls but it wasn't at all. It was the coolest place though. They had a few pumpkins. 
 Heidi loves pumpkins. Every time she sees one she gets so excited!!
 Shane and the girls
Natalie, Heidi, Dad and Nokie
They had a petting zoo type area. They had some baby cows, chickens, donkeys, pigs and ducks. The girls had no fear. They would stick their hands in and pet all the animals. Nokie kept saying, "Mommy. Isn't she so cute?" about all the animals. 
 This little donkey was so sweet. Heidi poked him in the eye and he didn't even move.

They had a playground that the kids loved. So many cool things to do. They had these water pumps that you would try to pump as much water as you could and race a little rubber ducky. All these cool tubes used as slides and rockers. A huge massive slide that Natalie went down...couldn't believe that!!

 Cute horse swings

Then we went on a hayride. They took us on a little loop through the hay bales to see the cows. Perfect for pictures.
 Natalie and Shane
 Heidi was so excited to see the "moos" :)
 Nokie and Dane
This is my favorite picture of the day. Heidi was being lovey and wanted to cuddle with me. 

Then we went through the corn maze. They had a kid section first and when you got to the end you could either continue to the harder section or just go back the way you came. Natalie loved taking the lead and telling us which way to go.
 Cute girls holding hands
Then they had this really cool jumping pillow. It was surrounded by sand so if they fell off they wouldn't get hurt. But it was huge and they didn't ever go near the edge. They just jumped and jumped and jumped. Shane and I got on too. No bouncing for us though...if Shane even moved too fast everyone on the pillow would go flying. :)

 Nat had so much fun.
 Nokie liked lying on the pillow.
Heidi thought she was a stunt man. She would seriously go flying!

We had lunch and then they played in a sand box of corn kernels. This was Natalie's favorite. She loved playing in the sand when we went to the beach this summer and to her it was the same thing.

Natalie got corn in her pants. :)

I know...tons of pictures!! After the kids took their naps we went to an actual pumpkin patch. The girls picked out baby pumpkins for them and two big ones for Shane and I. We let them help get all the seeds out of the pumpkins. Natalie did not like it at all. She pulled out one seed and then she was done. Heidi liked it a little better. She pulled stuff out for a while but then got bored. I let them color on their baby pumpkins and then put stickers on them. By the time they were finished there were more stickers on them! 
It was just a really fun day. After the kids went to bed Shane and I carved our pumpkins together. I can't wait for the kids to see them in the morning. They will be so excited. 

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Kirk said...

Sure had a good time at Steed's. Love your pumpkins! How do they look with a candle inside? Love you. Daddy