Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Weekend!

Such a busy weekend. It was so nice to have a long weekend with Shane. It's so crazy around here with work, school and life that when we get some time together we try to really enjoy it!
Saturday was the Best. Day. Ever. Seriously. My total favorite! We went shopping in the morning for some work clothes for Shane. It didn't even matter that I wasn't shopping for me. It was so much fun! We went to Kohls and they had a HUGE clearance section. He got so many great things for work. Eight work shirts, three t-shirts, a belt, six undershirts, and eleven pair of socks for $227.52 PLUS I got $40 Kohls cash for later this week. That was a total savings of $399.36 off of the original prices. Man...I love getting a good deal! Then that afternoon the girls went to my parents house for a slumber party with their cousin Nokie. Shane and I went to the movies to see Men in Black 3 and then out to dinner. I'm on a mission this year to try new things and go to new places but we just went to Bonefish because I was craving me some bang bang shrimp! Sad, I know. I'll try to be better next time. :)

Sunday we had Shane's family over for dinner. His cousin Jaime was in town with her boyfriend, Forey. She wanted everyone to meet him so we had a party at our house. I think it's safe to say we all liked Forey and we had a lot of fun hanging out. Shane grilled chicken and corn. I made the cilantro lime rice from Chipotle...got the recipe from pinterest. :) It was all very good. The kids (and the adults) jumped on the trampoline pretty much the entire time! I really should have taken pictures! It was so fun to watch. :)

Monday we celebrated Nokie's birthday. I really can't believe she is 4! We were going to swim all day but it rained a ton. They did get a little bit of swimming in but the best part of the day was Pin the Tail on the Donkey and opening presents. Nokie didn't actually like pin the tail on the donkey because she didn't like being blind folded. I never liked it either! My girls loved it though. Gracie and Matthew played too.
  They stuck the tail on with tape instead of pins. I really should have taken a picture of the actual donkey with all his tails. Haven't been very good at taking pictures lately!

When Nokie opened her presents, she was so excited with every gift. It was really cute to watch! She got some adorable clothes and fun toys but her favorite thing was flip flops from Mammy and Bumpa. She loves flip flops but since she didn't have any she would always steal everyone else's. So when she got her own she must have thanked, hugged and kissed my parents at least 3 different times! We bought Nokie some new clothes for her birthday. The girls wanted to give her their own gifts so they each picked something of their own toys to give her. Heidi gave her some bunny ears from her dress up box and Natalie gave her a blue rock star hair clip that she got from McDonalds. 

 A shirt from us
 Showing off her new flip flops
Rock Star hair :)
Blowing out the candles on her ginormous Costco cake

I know today isn't really part of the whole long weekend thing but I'm adding it anyway. It rained ALL day today. The kind of nice rain that makes you want to stay in bed all day or sit on the couch curled up with a good book. Love those days! At least I used to love those days when I was still able to stay in bed all day or curl up on the couch with a book....you know...the pre-kid days. Rainy days with kids are really not that fun. They don't let you sleep in first of all. Then they go stir crazy because they can't go outside. I don't know how many times Heidi asked me if she could go swing on the swings. "No, it's raining" didn't seem to sink in! So I went on pinterest again and found some fun things for them to do. We tried this first. You put baking soda into a bowl and then let the kids put colored vinegar into it to watch it bubble. I didn't have a dropper so they could do little drops at a time so it didn't last very long. But I did pick some up at Walmart today so we could try it again. They totally loved it! Then we did this from pinterest. Another brilliant idea. You put paint in a ziploc bag and tape it to the table. They get to swirl around the paint and there is no mess! At first they were not very happy about it because they didn't get to make a mess. But after a while they really liked it. We will definitely do that one again! I also bought a bunch of art supplies today too so they could draw pictures which is always a good thing for them to do. We ended our day at Baskin Robbins for dollar Tuesday. A huge success of a rainy day!
 Natalie's ziploc art :)
 Another piece from Natalie. This is our family sliding down a rainbow. :)

Finishing off the day with yummy ice cream....rainbow sherbet! 

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