Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

I know it's a little late for this but...that's how it's going this week. :) So I got to celebrate twice. Sunday after church we went to Five Guys for lunch...yum! No crowds, just good food! We went to the store and got good stuff to make dinner. Shane was going to grill his world famous salmon...seriously amazing stuff people! At home I got my gifts from the girls. They made potholders at Sunday school with their handprint on it. They made their own cards and wrote on a card from the store. Totally my favorite! cute!
 So Natalie wanted to write in the card without asking anyone for help. At the top she wrote birds singing...BRS CNGNG. I know she told me what the rest was but I was too impressed by her sounding out her own words to remember. She is getting way too big!
Heidi got to do the envelope! I think this is me and the girls but....not to sure about that one!
Beautiful flowers from Shane. The girls also bought me the new Frank Perretti book that I am almost finished with. I'll let you know how it is when I finish!

So then we played on the trampoline. It's so much fun jumping with the girls. They fly so high! They sit on the trampoline and have me jump so they bounce around. That was the best gift we ever got!

And then...I made the most amazing chocolate cake ever. I'm serious. But I was the stupidest person ever and grabbed the handle of the pan and totally burnt my hand. It hurt so bad!! I had my hand in a bowl of cold water pretty much all night. Shane had to grill the salmon, make the mashed potatoes, vegetables and rolls. It was an amazing dinner though even though I had to eat with my left hand! Thank goodness the cake was good too or I would not have been happy! :)
The frosting is melted baking chocolate mixed with caramel sauce and poured over the top of the cake with caramel sprinkles on top! YUM!

My hand is totally fine now. It killed that whole day and even the next day but after was totally fine. Plus I don't even have marks on my hand to prove that I got burnt so bad...that part really stinks! 

Last night we celebrated again. This time with my mom and sisters. Our gift to her this year was taking her to dinner. We went to this new us, not to Augusta...called Crums on Central. So good! We just got a bunch of appetizers to share instead of a meal. They were amazing. My favorites were the fried ravioli, the bruchetta and this shrimp risotto ball thing. The bruchetta was the best I have ever had. And the fried risotto balls were incredible. I can't wait to go back!
 iPhone pictures! Happy Mother's Day Momma!

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