Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Game of the Year

The girls had their last game of the year yesterday. I really am so proud of them. Natalie was an all star this year. This was her last season with the 3-4 year olds so she had more a little more experience than the other kids on the team. She is not at all aggressive though so she wouldn't take the ball from anyone. But once she got it she would bring it down the field! She is really focused and all in when she is on the field. She hated having to sit on the sidelines! It will be really fun to see her next year  when she plays with the bigger kids. 
Heidi came a long way this season! There were a lot of moments where she would be playing in the dirt, staring at the clouds or spinning in circles. Sometimes...all at once! :) But the last two games she actually got in there and tried to play. She actually got a hold of the ball and ran it all the way down the field. It missed the goal by inches! 
The whole team came really far this season. Shane is a great coach! It takes a certain kinda person to get 8 3 and 4 year olds to pay attention and follow the ball. They all listened to him well, played well together and had a fun season. favorite picture ever!
 Heidi got the ball and she was taking it down field
 It looks like it actually went in here but it just rolled by :(
 Natalie chased this little boy to get the ball
 Then brought it back towards her goal
 Shane made her take a water break and she was dripping sweat!
 She is getting TOO big!
 Nokie got a hold of the ball too!
 Team huddle after the last game
Group shot...not so great :)

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