Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise! Not so much...

So this year we were going to surprise Natalie with a trampoline for her birthday. I got Luke and Matthew to come over after school to help Shane put it together. I closed all the blinds in the house so she couldn't see the backyard. (She didn't even notice that by the way) I took the girls to my parents to swim so they wouldn't notice the boys in the back yard. I played a game with them in the car where they kept their eyes closed on the car ride back home so they wouldn't see the huge net in the back yard. We ate dinner and got ready for bed...still didn't have a clue. I put her to bed and told her to not get out of bed. Sternly! I go to Heidi's room to check on her and Natalie comes running down the hall..."Mommy!! There is a trampoline in the backyard!!" She heard Shane mowing and thought it was our neighbor...she likes to wave to the neighbor when he mows their yard. Anyway...I said that she wasn't supposed to get out of bed, she said but there is a trampoline in the backyard, I said but you were supposed to obey Mommy and not get out bed and she said but there is a trampoline in the backyard. :) Then I told her that it was a surprise for her birthday tomorrow from Mommy and Daddy. Then she started crying hysterically. She was so upset that she had ruined the surprise and found out about her present before her birthday! It was so sad! So then I just brought her downstairs and said happy birthday Natalie! We let the girls play and jump and then we all jumped too. This is gonna be a really great birthday gift!

 Natalie loved jumping. She had so much fun...I'm sure you could hear their laughter all the way down the block!

 Love Heidi's hair on the top picture and her face on the bottom!

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