Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mud Pies

Yay! Today I was officially a really cool mom. :) I usually don't do stuff with the kids that a.) makes them messy or b.) makes my house messy but summer is helping me to loosen up a bit! This morning it was overcast and gloomy. Not too cold but it looked like it was going to rain. They went outside to play and I saw Heidi playing in the dirt. When I called her she really thought she was in trouble because I never let them play in the dirt....see above. So when I told them I had a great idea and what did they think about playing in the mud today they were massively excited! I just made them change clothes while I hosed down a section of our backyard that doesn't have any grass. (Shane was not too happy about this) They were so cute! A million cute pictures to follow! It took Natalie a little bit to get going. She didn't like getting dirty...she is totally my kid. I told her that she had to get really dirty for it to be fun. Just getting a little dirty is not fun at all. They started making "meat ball" and throwing mud at each other. They were rubbing it all over their clothes and on their arms and legs. I tried to get them to do a mud mask but they didn't think that sounded fun. It actually did start pouring rain while they were playing outside. I went outside with my umbrella to take pictures. So overall it was an awesome morning and we might even do it again!
 Heidi's little feet
 Natalie's feet
 See how Natalie is just crouching down...she didn't want to get dirty yet
 This was after Natalie threw dirt at her
 Heidi threw mud back and I have no idea how it got IN Natalie's mouth!
 Love this face!


 You can see all the rain in this one. I love it...so awesome!

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