Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Natalie

I  can't believe Natalie is five! It's so crazy! We had a Giraffe Pool Party. I know...crazy combination but it worked! It had been really warm and the pool was really warm and then the whole week before her birthday it was really cold. The water got cold so none of the adults went swimming but the kids didn't care. They swam and played. It was really fun. 

 I found too many cute things on Pinterest! I saw a cake with a giraffe on it and figured I could do something close. :)
 These are Natalie's favorite...sugar cookies with lemon frosting
 These were found on Pinterest can click the link if you want the recipe for Trix Krispies
 Gracie and I made Natalie a birthday sign.
 Instead of goodie bags for all the kids I bought beach balls and wrote their names on it so they could take it home when they were done playing. A brilliant idea from my mom!
 We had the whole party in my parents' screened in porch...perfect!
 She is getting so big!
 She can even jump in the deep end! 
 I love this picture...Heidi giving Daddy some love :)
 We had hot dogs with your choice of chili, hot cheese, sauteed onions mushrooms and jalapenos or all three. We had watermelon, pasta salad and chips too. 
 Then we did presents! Natalie's favorite part. :)
 DeDe got her "rock star" hair clips...this is her rock on look. :)
 Waiting with her eyes closed and hands out for her gift from Uncle Bubba
 A Hula Loop!! As Natalie calls it. :) 
 Singing for the birthday girl
 Blowing out her candles
 A three layered, tropical colored checkerboard cake
 Enjoying their cake 
 Trying out her hula hoop 
Happy Birthday my sweet girl! I love you so much...I can't believe you are five and growing so fast. You are such an awesome little girl and I am so proud of you!

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