Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crazy Weekend!

I feel like I go in spurts with my blogging. I really do try to keep up with everything that we do but sometimes I a.) don't feel like typing or b.) forget to take pictures in the first place! Oh and then there are the times when I do actually have a ton of stuff going on and don't have the time to go through my pictures, edit them and then get them on here. :) 
So anyway...back to this weekend. Shane left for the weekend to go "fishin' with the boys" in California. He left Thursday morning I while he was out relaxing and laughing and fishing and eating and laughing and drinking and laughing...I was actually super busy! Thursday Natalie celebrated her birthday at school since her preschool will be out before her actual birthday. So I made cupcakes and brought them to her school. (She asked for chocolate chocolate chip! That's my girl!!) Then I came home and made dinner for two mom's from my homegroup that just had babies. I took the first one dinner Thursday and the second one dinner on Saturday. Also Thursday night the girls were sad because their daddy was gone so we had a girl movie night and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked. Kinda cute. Friday morning the weather was really nice so I tried to get Natalie to let me take her 5 year old pictures with her new birthday dress. I got a few cute pictures but she really wasn't in the mood. I might end up taking a few more but these are kinda cute. 
  The fence pose is my favorite
This pose was Natalie's idea :)

Then that night they had their soccer game. One of the other moms coached while Shane was gone. Here are a few pictures...
 Natalie is so fun to watch! She is so focused!
 Grandma came to watch the game. I love this picture!
Heidi even got a hold of the ball! 

Saturday I took the girls to Arts in the Park. It was really cool. There were a ton of booths that had stuff for the girls to do. We didn't do everything because the costs kept adding up! They got to paint bookmarks and get their face painted. They got princess crowns and they were sprinkled with pixie dust. Which...I have to add....didn't come out for days! 

 And in between all this fun we were pretty much at my parents house swimming non stop. Natalie has turned into a fish.  Before Shane left he started to show her how to breathe while swimming so she didn't have to stand up to get a breath. While he was gone she learned a few tricks. She pretty much taught herself too because the water is still way too cold for me to get in! It seamed like everyday we were at the pool she would surprise me with something new! So when Shane got back Natalie was really excited to show him everything she learned! So she started with doing somersaults in the shallow end. Then she swam all the way into the deep end. Then she did a cannon ball and then she jumped off the diving board. So proud of my little girl who used to be petrified of going underwater!!
 Trying to "dive" like daddy
 Swimming like a pro in the deep end
 Jumping off the diving board
 Shane throwing her into the pool
 Heidi needed some love too....but she did NOT want to go underwater!
 When Julie and Ricky were here they bought these cute little lounge chairs for the girls. They love sitting in them when they're not swimming. 

So tonight was the girls last soccer game...I'll post those pictures soon. This is Natalie's last week of preschool and after this weekend's birthday party...I'm hoping that this will slow down just a bit. But we will see how it goes! :)

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