Friday, September 24, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good and very busy day. This morning I dropped Natalie off at Mom's and took Heidi to the mall. It's so much easier to shop with only one kid!! We went to the bookstore so I could get some books for Heidi's birthday tomorrow. Thankfully Heidi doesn't pick up on stuff like that. :) Then we came back and picked up Natalie and Nokie to come back to our house for lunch and some play time.
They all wanted to sit together :)

While the girls were napping I made cupcakes for Heidi's birthday. I found this recipe for rainbow cupcakes. So so cute! But they took FOREVER! Over an hour just to fill the cupcake tins. And then I made chocolate cupcakes too just to make sure I had enough.  After naps we played and colored. Then I got Natalie ready for her soccer game and fed them dinner. Nat's game was awesome. She is really getting the hang of this whole soccer thing. Totally cute! She is so excited to play. She runs everywhere, not actually looking at the ball. She looks at us cheering at her while she runs. She has started taking the ball away and trying to run with it. I was so proud of her! She pretty much plays the whole game but by the last quarter she is totally done. Playing in the dirt, picking up rocks, not even paying attention. :)
 This is what I mean by looking at us while she is running.
 She took the ball and ran with it!
 Love this shot of her really going for it
 Takin a break!
 Getting a little worn out
 Chasing the ball
 This was the first time she took it from someone. You see how surprised she is by the fact that she is actually kicking the ball!
 So tired!
My happy girl

After the game we came home and I threw the girls in the bath and got them ready for bed. After they were asleep I got to frosting all the cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes. :) I love how they turned out.

 So now after sampling my cupcakes, I'm finally sitting down and I really feel like I'm going to fall asleep right in my chair. Now I have to go clean all my dishes and then head to bed. Where is my husband when I need him?? :)


Kirk said...

Fantastic pictures of Nat's soccer accomplishments and I can't wait to try one of your Rainbow Cupcakes this afternoon. They look great! Love you. Daddy

Necole said...

Awesome cupcakes! You're a great Mom :)