Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Day Down...How Many To Go??

I'm so tired!! The girls are wearing me out! They have too much energy and move in too many different directions! It's a crazy thing to be a mom. Here are these kids that you love more than anything in the whole world and yet they still can drive you crazy! I love that I am a stay at home mom but sometimes I'd love to just be able to get away. I keep looking forward to my 10 days in Alaska. Even though I'll be FREEZING it will be nice to have to time with Colie and the kids without having to worry about my kids! And I have to say that I am loving the idea of Shane being in my shoes for 10 days. :)
Natalie had a soccer game tonight and she did really well. She actually went after the ball a couple times. She made contact with it three times in the midst of the game. I was very impressed. Once she kicked it and the little boy who was trying to kick it plowed right into her and knocked her down. But she got right up and kept playing...woo hoo! The other two times she went for the ball she ended up kicking it in their goal. But least she was playing.  :) The last half of the game she was crouching down playing in the dirt. There are a ton of dirt patches on the field. Too much of a distraction for a 3 year old! She told me that playing in the dirt was more fun than soccer. :)

 On the way to practice.
After the game....sweat and dirt mixed together. She was a mess! You should have seen her hands!! They were so covered with dirt I couldn't even get it all off with a baby wipe! Let's just say we had bathtime as soon as we got home! 
This is the cutest video! Heidi is talking so much now. These are her cute phrases that I love so much. 

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Kirk said...

The babies are just toooooooooooo cute!! Love you. Daddy