Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Day!

The girls have been a little crazy this week. I don't know what is going on...maybe it's the moon or they are ganging up on me...who knows? I just know that I have been VERY happy when bedtime comes around. I think really that they are both just growing and learning and figuring out their world. It's just crazy for me because they are going in different directions, wanting different things or exactly the same thing. We are having a lot of trouble with sharing lately which leads to yelling and grabbing and then time outs. It makes mommy very tired!!
Tonight we had Natalie's soccer game. I was trying to video the game so Shane could watch it later, Heidi was trying to run onto the field so she could play too and Natalie kept having meltdowns because a little boy kept taking the ball from her.  She would be in the middle of the game and someone would take the ball and she would just run across the field crying into my arms. 
 She was so happy when she got to actually have contact with the ball.

She got so dirty! She kept kicking the dirt to kick up dust with all the other little girls. I think that was her favorite part of the day. :)

After practice we ran to Walmart, got some dinner, talked to Daddy on the computer, took showers and got ready for bed. After getting the girls in their pjs, I told Heidi to get on Nat's bed with her so we could pray together. While she was running to the bed she tripped and face planted into the bed rail of Natalie's bed. Poor thing got an instant bruise right under her eye. I got her an ice pack (which she loves) and some motrin (which she also loves...bubblegum flavor) and then held her while the girls said their prayers. When it was time for her to go to bed she wanted to take the ice pack with her. Poor baby!
 iPhone pictures...a little bit blurry

I'm scared to see what that will look like in the morning!

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