Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four Generations

Today was the first day of BSF...Bible Study Fellowship. It's such an awesome Bible study! You can click on that link to find one near you or to find out more about it. They are international and everyone goes through the same book at the same time. They are also interdenominational so everyone can come and just learn about the Bible. Each year you study a different book of the Bible and this year is Isaiah. I am so excited. One of the cool things about this Bible study is that they teach your kids while you are learning. They don't just babysit them. They teach them the same things you are learning but in a simpler form. My girls love it and this year Dane and Nokie are going too. So now all four generations of us girls are going together. Pretty cool. I'm very excited about what I will be learning this year.
Daddy took the pictures before we left this morning. This is in their front yard...isn't it pretty?? The lighting on this last one turned out awesome. You should go professional Dad!! :)

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Caryn said...

Four generations together studying God's great is that!