Friday, September 3, 2010

So I got my cd of pictures from Mitzi last week. The pictures of the girls turned out amazing!! We had such a fun time getting the girls' pictures taken. If anyone in So Cal is in need of pictures for their kids check out her website. Photography by Mitzi. I ordered all the prints and had 3 blown up to 8x10. Yesterday I went to Michaels and bought frames. (40% off sale on frames!)  I hung them up when I got home and I love how they look. I actually got inspired by being in Mitzi's house. She had framed pictures of her kids on the walls. It looked so cool that I wanted to do the same thing. Thanks Mitzi! :) So here is what they look like. 
I have the pictures on the wall by my computer. The little peacock at the bottom of the screen is my calander. :) Lots of smilies today...must be in a good mood!

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