Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miscellaneous iPhone Pictures

Once in a while I actually upload the pictures and videos off my phone and sometime I even upload the stuff off of Shane's phone. It's so funny to see the random pictures you've taken and forgotten about so I thought I'd share a few. 
 Natalie is dressed for her first soccer game this year. Just a cute shot of her and Heidi together

 When Colie was here Natalie would sneak in bed with her. Shane found them like this one morning. I think its funny how Colie has all the covers.

 At Baskin Robbins for 31 cent night. So much fun!

 Natalie cleaned the play room all by herself and she is saying Tah Dah!

 Natalie at the Childrens Museum on her birthday and both the girls just out of the pool at Mammy's house

 Nokie and Ricky when they were here to visit. Shane and Heidi looking at a turtle on the side of the parents driveway actually.

 The girls showing off their new sunglasses. Shane bought Heidi's cause they looked like pink Tom Cruise glasses he said.

Shane holding all three girls at once. Pretty impressive. :)

And a couple videos to brighten your day...
Natalie got a Veggie Tales CD for her birthday and it is actually fun to listen to. Most kid cds get really annoying after just a few minutes but this one I actually sing along with. :) They are singing Your Grace Is Enough....just in case you can't make out the words. :)
Shane goes for runs with the girls in the double jogging stroller to a pond in the next subdivision over. The girls love it because he lets them get out and feed the ducks when they get there.

Hope you have a great day! :)

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Kirk said...

Fun photos and great videos. I thought Heidi Bear was going in the water for sure. What a kid!! Love you. Daddy