Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

 Such a busy day! I let Shane sleep in. There was a big thunderstorm last night that knocked the power out for a couple hours so we let Natalie sleep with us in our bed. It was so cute to see the two of them snuggled up together when I got out of bed this morning. :) While he was sleeping, I made some banana blueberry good! We went to his parents house around 10 and hung out until lunch. Shane grilled some amazing chicken and corn on the cob. -I just realized how much I talk about food. It just makes me happy! - We had a really nice time eating together and hanging out with Shane's family while all the little cousins played together. At nap time we brought the girls home, let them sleep and then went to my parents house. While we were there the girls pretty much swam the whole time! They are turning into fish. It's awesome. Dad grilled hamburgers which were amazing. We had a full day of family, good food and celebrating dads...a perfect day!
They both colored him pictures for Father's Day and they are showing him what they did.
I have to say that Shane is seriously the greatest father. He is so good with our girls and so involved in their lives. I love watching him play with them and teach them things. Just watching them together makes me smile. :)

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Kirk said...

It was so much fun having you all here yesterday and watching the kids swim by themselves and really enjoy the water. The Egg came through again with great hamburgers and all the fixings your Mom put together. Thanks again for the gift certificate to Hickory Knob. I really enjoy that course and I'm looking forward to playing there again with Shane. Love you. Daddy
PS: I'll send you a picture of all of Violets hair in the pool. A lot of it collected in a big ball on the bottom. The rest is just floating around. (o: